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So theirs this Wolverine movie coming out this summer and regardless of whether the trailer inspires screams of exitment or big sign endused eye-rolls the Logan hype is at it’s max. To help those looking for a place to get started and excite even more the loyal fans has put together their top 10 Wolverine Books.

As I a big Batman fan I can appreciate the love for Wolverine. He’s dark, harsh, mysterious, and your always hesitating for that moment when he’s going to snap; however, this movie isn’t really “doing it” for me right now and rather than complain about something I havnt seen yet I’m going to hit up my local shop and take a look at some of these books.

Wolverine The Package



  1. admin says:

    I want to see the new Wolverine movie but don’t want to pay for it

  2. Christian Scott says:

    For the top Wolverine comics, they better have Hulk vs. Wolverine, on the cover where Wolverine has his claws out and in the reflection is the Hulk!!! The new Wolverine movie tanked and I really didn’t like it. I hate Fox for pretty much cutting out Deadpool and Gambit, the two characters I was looking forward to. =(


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