Secret Six #10 Review

Secret Six #10

Secret Six #10 is part 1 of a new storyline called “Depths.” There is a society of high-class villains/evil people who traffic human slaves and have hired the six to protect some kind of ancient or high-tech artifact, help with their trafficking, and joining their society.

Despite some minor issues not typical of this book #10 was a great edition and good kick-start to a new plot twist. My only gripe was at the start; one of the slave handlers has some annoying early comics type dialogue explaining to us that he loves how slaves work for free (which I was already aware of) and then while our new “bad guy” Mr. Smyth is teaching one slave a lesson the slave’s clothes change in one panel. Obviously it was a minor artist mistake but it threw me off enough to do a double take and then give it a good hard look, making sure I wasn’t missing something. The dialogue and weird clothing mistake aren’t typical of this run though so although a little annoying I can easily forgive it. Not to mention that after that that the issue really takes off.


The best thing about this series is that these six characters are somewhat forgotten about villains and complete mis-fits who don’t really belong in any one character’s rogue gallery (with the exception of Bane maybe), but when put together make for some random greatness (I mean, who the heck cared about Catman and Ragdoll?); but in a way only Gail Simone can we get a great, maybe my favorite moment of series so far, moment between Scandal Savage and Bane. I don’t mean when Scandal confronts Bane about his venom addiction, or when Bane throws the venom out, or even when they cuddle up and sleep together (which was a jaw dropper); there is a scene when all six are on a plane that just got hit by a rocket and Scandal, daughter of Vandal Savage mind you, grabs Bane’s hand because she got scared. Now, I like to think of myself as a manly-man but when I saw this I couldn’t help but smile just a little. Scandal has shown us before that she likes to be that emotionless tom-boy at times but to see her seek comfort from a guy who doesn’t hand it out was really kinda touching. I didn’t think we’de see it but there is well played non-raunchy romance creeping into this series. That Gail Simone is pretty sneaky.

Beyond just the feel-good moment here (which Ragdoll takes note of) we get an issue that opens up a whole new world for the secret six, and the whole DCU frankly, with slavery and human trafficking. In a series all about villains it’s interesting to see these guys respond to Mr. Symth and his society that treats humans like cattle. I won’t spoil it any further but will encourage you; this is a great issue to jump on board if your curious about this run. We get a small nod to Gail’s first shot at the Secret Six in Villains United but beyond that it’s pretty much a new plot that had a very #1 kind of feel to it. If you pass this up at the comic shop spend the $3.25, it’s worth it.

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AWESOME Bane & Scandal moment some minor art mistakes


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