Secret Six #11 Review

Secret Six #11

The great thing about the Secret Six is the multiple dimensions of story elements a writer like Gail Simone has to play with. And although it’s a team of villains, they go through all of the same ups and downs our favorite superheroes do; they get scared, have emotional issues, lines they won’t cross, make mistakes they regret, and often find themselves doing something they can’t believe they’re doing. But like our favorite superheroes who always revert back to being “super”, when your dealing with a group like this it’s just a matter of time before they revert back to being villains.

In #11 our new antagonist, Mr. Smyth offers a difficult pill to swallow, “slavery [should be] returned to every nation on Earth.” And he backs this up by reminding us that some of the most remembered nations and structures were built through slavery; and how those slaves stay remembered because of they’re work. This frame of mind begins to hint at a split of the six as some of them see a valid point and others don’t. We also learn Mr. Smyth’s ultimate goal, to build the world’s biggest and only prison. Big enough for each felon in the world to have their own cell (and to build it he’s using slavery). I didn’t expect this; and despite it lacking some time traveling, shape shifting, or something sci-fi-ish, I like it. It’s a valid mustache-twisting villain type thing to do; Mr. Smyth see’s it as a world leader type move that would not only benefit him financially but move him higher up in the ‘take over the world’ villain class. I think he’s forgetting though that Earth is only a fraction of where most of the DC villains come from. Question: how many aliens does it take to bring down a big prison? Answer: one (assuming you pick the right alien).

Then we get to the good part. In an attempt to rescue the amazon Artemis, Banshee ends up ticking off Catman who reminds them all that regardless of their individual moral lines they have a job to do and allowing Artemis to go free won’t get them paid. This ignites an all out gory battle as everyone tears into each other. Catman takes the first blow stabbing Scandal, this ticks off Bane, Deadshot shoots Banshee and Artemis, and Ragdoll’s butt flaps flies off (he was wearing pajamas, classic). I have to admit, I did a big double take when I saw Catman dig into Scandal and it broke my heart a little to see what was starting to be such a nice relationship between Deadshot and Banshee as they exchanged bullets and words. The fight continues until none other than Wonder Woman shows up asking, “Who killed my sister?”

This was far from the best Secret Six issue yet but definitely still a great read and like any good issue has me already waiting impatiently for next month. More than the sure-to-be flawed prison plans I’m curious to see what kind of ramifications this rip in the six has. As I said at the begging, they’re all villains, but I would image that even for villains some of these events here won’t go quickly unforgiven. And it will be very interesting to see what role Wonder Woman plays. She’s the biggest star to show up in title since Catman and Batman duked it out. And given Gail’s recent history with Woder Woman I doubt she’ll just fly in, punch some people, and fly off (especially if she learns of the slavery).

Poor Scandal. She gets her heart broken, shot in the head, then stabbed in the gut. I hope she finds the perfect person and things start getting better for her. Hey, Wonder Woman just entered the story. Mmmmm…..

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More character tension New evil villain with sure-to-be flawed plans


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  1. MatthewHex says:

    Nice review. Ive heard nothing but good things about this series (I did pick up issue 9 with the BFC tie-in which was a good little issue). Based on your reviews of this and the last issue Im gonna pick them both up today. Im really looking forward to reading them now.


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