Top 10 Worst Marvel Superhero and Villain Costumes

What makes a bad superhero or villain costume? That’s a tough question, because in the world of comic books you’re favorite characters can get away with a lot without looking too silly. Capes for instance, bat ears, and even underwear over trousers! But which comic book characters through the years has over stepped the line that little bit too much and committed some series fashion crimes? Keep reading and I hope you enjoy the Top 10 Worst Marvel Superhero and Villain Costumes.

#10. Mister Sinister


Mister Sinister

WHY: I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this costume. From the tassel type cape and the ridiculously high collar to the cross breed pixie/ kinky thigh high length boots, topped of with a nice big red diamond on the forehead. How very S&M it all is. It’s so bad I can’t help but kinda like it!


#9. Power Man


Power Man

WHY: The hero of the New York ghetto didn’t look very “hard” in his original get up. Let’s face it; the rock hard man with skin made of steel wore a girly head band with a yellow blouse and looked more like a dancer from Fame than the street tough hero we all know and love. He has now thankfully updated himself to just a plain black tee and jeans, although I would like him to sport some sort of costume again, just not one as flamboyant as the original.


#8. Yellow Jacket


Yellow Jacket

WHY: It’s those black wing things. What the hell are they there for? They just look ridiculous. The antennae ears don’t look too cool either.


#7. Captain Britain/Union Jack


Captain Britain


Union Jack

WHY: I stuck these two in together because they are both as bad as each other. They are both rip off’s of Captain America and it seems not much thought was put into the names or the costume designs either. They are so corny, and being British myself, it’s kind of embarrassing that the UK has no really cool superheroes. Who says just because they’re British heroes that they have to have the Union Jack plastered all over them? Its an obvious and easy design that makes them look like a couple of chavs!

#6. Captain Wonder


Captain Wonder

WHY: From The Twelve series. Captain Wonder was brought from WWII to the present. Bet he wished he packed some trousers! And what’s with the fin too?

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  1. Mason says:

    Oh man, I’m laughing my ass off at your descriptions, especially Yellow Jackets. And Mr. Sinister does look so weird it’s kinda cool.

    And I know the reason there aren’t any women in there: It’s guys designing them and guys reading the comics. They obviously know what we want to see, and we have no reason to complain cause its all pretty cool in our eyes.

    I would definitely nominate the one and only Clint Barton/Hawkeye costume. Felt like I was looking at something straight out of Robin Hood.

  2. John says:

    I have a confession, I kinda like Union Jack’s costume. And is that Mr. Quietly on 3-D Man?

    • MatthewHex says:

      Not sure if that is Frank Quitely. It does look like his work.

    • punkjay says:

      Though I love Iron Fist his original v-neck costume and ballet shoe combo should have made this list. I noticed all his Hero For Hire brethren have already graced the list!
      3D man just sucked in general

  3. Andrew says:

    The Wasp also had some pretty awful costumes in the past. I can’t believe she didn’t make the list.

  4. will says:

    wat the heck is union jack doin there!? his costumes not too bad! and wat about mysterio?! he has a golfish bowl on his head!!! oh well pretty good list

  5. Yellow Jacket is showing too much skin. lol Yeah I agree they are terrible customs. Except Captain Britain I like that one.

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