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There have been many Green Lantern’s of earth, but four of them have made a huge impression not only on Green Lantern mythos, but on the entire DC Universe as a whole also. The main four GL’s are all agents of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force started by the Guardians Of The Universe. While these four are the most memorable and recognizable GL’s, none of them were the first to call themselves the Green Lantern. Green Lantern has it’s origins in issue #16 of All-American Comics, published in July of 1940, and starring a man named Alan Scott.

Alan Scott

Alan Scott, The Original Green Lantern

Alan Scott, The Original Green Lantern

Alan Scott began his career as a costumed crime-fighter after the Starheart, a magical entity that the Guardians Of The Universe imprisoned in a lantern, saved his life from a train wreck. Scott then forged a ring from part of the lantern, and took the name Green Lantern. Alan Scott would then help to found the Justice Society, along with the original Flash, Dr. Fate, Hourman, the original Hawkman, The Spectre and The Atom. The Justice Society would fight in many battles during World War II, but would eventually disband due to pressure to reveal their identities to the House of Un-American Activities Commission, which believed the JSA to be in connection with communists. Although the JSA had been disbanded, Scott would continue to operate under the Green Lantern mantle, and would even be there to help re-form the JSA when the time was right.

Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan, The Second Green Lantern

Hal Jordan, The Second Green Lantern

The next person to operate under the Green Lantern name would be Hal Jordan. After a dying alien named Abin Sur gave him a power ring, Jordan would go on to be the Green Lantern Corps’ most honored member. Jordan was a simple test-pilot for Ferris Aircraft when a simulator he was working on suddenly flew away and landed near a crashed spacecraft. Jordan would try to help the dying Sur, but instead was given a power ring and a power battery, with which he would use to charge his ring. Shortly thereafter, Jordan was knee-deep in a plot by his trainer, Sinestro, to overthrow the Guardians. Jordan would be instrumental in bringing Sinestro to justice. Jordan would continue to be the favorite Green Lantern for years, and would eventually learn of the man meant to be his back-up in case of disaster, named Guy Gardner. Jordan would eventually lose himself to Parallax, and eventually die saving earth, but would come back and rejoin the Green Lantern Corps.

Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner, Earth's Third Green Lantern

Guy Gardner, Earth's Third Green Lantern

Guy Gardner is a very complex character. He was beaten by his father when he was young, played football at the University of Michigan, and missed out on his chance to be Green Lantern before Hal, simply because he was farther from Abin Sur’s crash site than Hal was. But because he was also worthy to be a Green Lantern, he was chosen as Hal’s backup. When Hal discovered this, he went to Baltimore and became friends with guy, but he couldn’t tell him his secret. Although he was Hal’s first backup, he would be replaced as backup by John Stewart, after being hit by a bus and being put in a wheelchair. After Hal’s ring was damaged by the Crumbler, Guy became GL while Hal went to Oa to have his fixed. Hal’s power battery eventually blew up in his face, and he was sent to the phantom zone and brainwashed, then kidnapped by Sinestro, then brought back to earth, but in a coma. He would eventually come out of the coma, and finally become a full time GL during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. After Jordan destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, Guy would take possession of Sinestro’s Qwardian power ring. After numerous retcons, Guy is currently a member of the re-established GLC, along with Jordan, Stewart, and Kyle Rayner.

John Stewart

John Stewart, The Fourth Green Lantern Of Earth

John Stewart, The Fourth Green Lantern Of Earth

John Stewart would become a Green Lantern after Hal Jordan’s initial backup, Guy Gardner was seriously injured after being hit by a bus. John was an architect and an ex-marine sharpshooter. John would prove to be one of the Green Lantern Corps greatest members, after taking the role of watching over the Mosaic world, placed on Oa by the Mad Guardian. John would even become a human Guardian, but would later relinquish that role. Stewart would be the first GL to regain a ring after Jordan’s destruction of the Corps, during Rayner’s time as the only Green Lantern, and would also help to reform the Green Lantern Corps when the time came. Stewart was married to Sinestro’s replacement GL from Korugar, named Katma Tui, but would mourn her death at the hands of the Star Sapphire. While living as a Guardian, Tui was resurrected, but would die again after Jordan destroyed the Corps itself.

Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner, The Torchbearer, And Earths Final Green Lantern

Kyle Rayner, The Torchbearer, And Earths Final Green Lantern

After Jordan’s betrayal, only one Guardian, Ganthet was alive. He travelled to earth with the only remaining power ring, and would give it to a struggling graphic artist known as Kyle Rayner. Kyle Rayner would soon be fighting alongside the greatest heroes of earth in the Justice League, along with villains from other planets. Although he was the only Green Lantern left, that would not stop him from embracing his role, and standing for the beliefs of the Corps. Kyle would eventually become Ion, the entity comprised of all the will-power of the universe, and would be instrumental in the re-formation of the Green Lantern Corps. Along with Ganthet, the Guardians were reborn, Oa was restored, and the Green Lantern Corps would once again watch over the 3600 sectors of the universe, and it’s all because Rayner was the one to take the responsibility head on and overcome challenges. Rayner continues to serve in the Corps, and is still highly regarded among GL’s for his handling of his situation.

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