Marvel announces GIRL COMICS

Marvel-GirlComics_cov_col-tm-193x300According to an article on Publishers Weekly, Marvel, in a previously mentioned push to involve more women readers, has decided to release a three issue anthology revolving around women. Their plan is to focus on women “as characters, as creators, and as readers”.

The creators’ aim was not to solely focus on women superheroes but the role of women in all aspects of comic creation and existence. In my opinion, perhaps this has been a long time coming and in other words, it’s about time! Comics, in general, should have mass appeal; they should interest both men and women. However, I don’t necessarily feel as if they are marketed that way.

Perhaps this comes out of an inherent truth about men and women: women like to read but it seems as if they shy away from comics. We conjure up the image of a teenage boy reading something like Batman when we think of a comic book reader.  However, from what I can tell, the number of women drawn to comics is growing steadily. Whether this is because comic creators are writing content that appeals more to their gender or because barriers previously set in place have broken down and it seems more, let’s say, “socially acceptable” for women to read comic books… without the”dork” stigma attached.

In the interview conducted with editor of the series, Jeanine Schaefer,  she explains the purpose of the books and the beginnings of the ideas. The most interesting question here was whether Xmen had a lot of influential female characters and if that was a “bridge book” for her. Her answer, which would have also been mine, was an enthusiastic ‘yes’. Certainly, Xmen drew me in for a reason and I believe it was the presence of strong women characters in leadership roles. All in all, this is the underlying aim, I believe. Women can be inkers and pencillers and great storywriters of comics. They can also identify with female characters/superheroes and glean something out of a good comic book.

I look forward to seeing this anthology, even though I currently have zero Marvel titles on my pull list. As a female comic reader, I’m highly compelled to pick this up.

Marvel Announces Girl Comics


  1. Geoff says:

    This has been a long time coming. I’m just curious how Marvel will handle this. I’m not positive they have a particularly great track record of how they treat their female characters. We shall see.

  2. Lisa Balog says:

    except that they’ve said this before, and what came out of it was not particularly invested, and took a gigantic step backwards in the end. :-/