Darkwing Duck #2 Review

Darkwing Duck #2

The Duck Knight returns continues this month, as the stories of mega corporation Quackwerks, the Fearsome Five…umm Four… and Darkwing Duck all continue.  Exactly where we left off from first issue, Megavolt is recruited back into the gang by his fellow former arch criminals.  It seems Quackerjack, too, has a grudge against Quackerwerks, and blows up their toy warehouse as the villains stride off into the night.  Elsewhere, Darkwing Duck, fresh back from his retirement, breaks into Quackerwerks headquarters, seeking information on the power behind this enigmatic company.  The official record claims the company has no founder, and was started by like minded, concerned citizens of St. Canard.  The Masked Mallard’s search is interupted as he is seen and mistaken for the entertainment at a retirement party.

Out on the streets, the Fearsome now Four commit more mayhem, while Megavolt is warned by Bushroot and Liquidator to not even speak the name of their former leader, Negaduck, Darkwing Duck’s evil doppleganger.  The two usually goofy villains are quite serious in this exchange, leading one to wonder just what happened, and why Megavolt doesn’t know about it.  Quackerjack rages about the toy department of Quackerwerks (which really does seem to have taken over every aspect of life in the city), and says working for morons is worse than any defeat at the hands of Darkwing Duck.  After blowing up a toy store, the gang is confronted by the crime-bots, one of which identifies the group and notes that Negaduck is missing.  At this name, Quackerjack goes utterly berserk, destroying most of the robots himself.

Goslyn, Drake/Darkwing’s daughter, never could keep out of trouble on the show, and continues in that vein here.  Due to a series of bizzare mishaps which often trail in her wake, Goslyn ends up stuck in a bi-plane by herself, trying to control it, when Darkwing’s sidekick finally comes back, as Launchpad swoops in to the rescue.

Back at corporate HQ, Darkwing finishes his singing gig (I wonder whatever did happen to the schedueled performer?) and finds the guest of honor, despite being forced out because of his age, is sharp as a tack, thinks something is wrong with the company, and remembers Darkwing.  His parting shot is “My memory’s better than most, son.  And I know a hero when I see one.”  Armed with Murray’s (the retiree’s) codes, Darkwing gets inside, facing down guard dogs, then even more vicious guard flamingos.  Elsewhere in the building, Honker, captured last issue, is strapped to a sinister looking chair, guided by a voice he thinks he recognizes.

Darkwing finds the assembly line, and the robots find him.  After a very Daffy Duck look at the “camera” (DW looking pathetic, saying “Yipes”), a battle ensues which looks bad for the Purple Powerhouse, until the wall is smashed in, landing on many of the ‘bots, courtesy of Darkwing’s aircraft, the Thunderquack, with Launchpad and Goslyn inside.  Once again, we are at the dreaded “To Be Continued” point.

What I liked and what I didn’t:

As with the first issue, this series is capturing the manic goofiness of the TV show.  Darkwing Duck’s bravery is matched only by his almost totally out of control ego.  It’s amusing, entertaining, and I’m looking forward to more.  It’s just goofy fun, the writer has a good handle on the characters’ personalities, putting him ahead of some of the titles from the big companies these days.  I’m still trying to work out what happened to/with Negaduck.

What I didn’t…. well, nothing really.  It’s a good ride.  It’s not fine literature, nor even comic book storytelling at its’ best, but it doesn’t need to be.


Pros Cons
entertainingly silly, as it should be c’mon, what happened to Negaduck already…


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