Avengers Prime #2 Review

The “holy trinity” of the Avengers has been sucked into and dispersed across the nine realms of Asgard in Brian Michael Bendis and Alan Davis’ second part of the Avengers Prime mini-series.

Avengers Prime #2

First up, Thor has been placed at Amora’s (The Enchantress) feet.  She tells him that his and Odin’s actions are the reason why things have turned out the way they have.  The two former foes and former lovers battle it out over their own interpretations of the truth.  Tony Stark finds himself surrounded by angry trolls who take him to their leader who wants to use him as collateral against Thor.  Steve Rogers fights off warriors where he was deposited and finds himself in the comfort of an empath who strongly reminds him of his former comrade, the Scarlet Witch.  In the end, not only has Thor’s decision to bring Asgard to Earth, but also its destruction during the Siege, has caused the nine realms to merge into one world ruled by Hela – and she wants Thor’s soul as her prized possession!

I really like what Bendis is giving us with this miniseries.  He’s handling the characters and the mythology of Thor very well.  Sure, maybe it’s not everyday that you see Steve Rogers choosing to make out with strange than finding his friends, but overall, for a trippy type of story, we’re getting some really good stuff here.  I like the idea that there has been consequences to a lot of decisions made for a long time and maybe, just maybe, Thor and Odin haven’t been as infallible in those choices as they seem.  Also, Steve Rogers admits to the Empath that maybe he isn’t making the best choices now that he’s been given another chance at life too.  Dealing with Thor and Rogers’ feelings almost have a symmetrical feel in the story which builds a new level to the plot itself.  Tony is just same old Tony.  He’s brash and doesn’t really look at the consequences of the things he says or does.  That almost makes him the wild card.

The real star of this book, though, is Alan Davis.  Aside from George Perez, I cannot think of a more perfect artist to be working on an Avengers title than Davis.  His classic art style adds that classic feel to the story.  It would have been a completely different story if a modern-style artist was chosen for a series containing the trinity and all these Asgardian elements.

We have three more issues to go.  So far, this has been a fun, yet impressive, comic.  I think the pacing has been perfect from Bendis – that’s saying a lot for Prime.  The only thing I’m going to reserve judgment on is the continuity.  With everything else that came post-Siege, I’m curious how this fits in, but when dealing with Asgardian mysticism, it likely will not seem out of place.



Pros Cons
Alan Davis’ work is phenomenal. He’s a classic great showing off his stuff. Really great pacing for having three issues left. Small continuity issues that will probably not be an problem in the end.


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