Cover of the Week: December 29, 2010

Every week I pick my favorite cover from all the comic books that came out during the week…today’s pick goes to Widowmaker #2 by Jae Lee.

One of the unique elements of comic book art is it’s habit of walking the thin line of photo-realism and the impossible; the cover to Widowmaker #2 is a perfect example. No ones body is shaped quite like Natasha’s (i.e. the Black Widow), hair does not group nor flow like that, and the only way to achieve that pose on the ledge of a statue would be to fall; but that’s what makes it great. There is no fear on Natasha’s face (in fact it’s the opposite) and the acceptance of her body and hair stylized like it is gives the picture the power to barley manipulate your sense of realism and imagination, fusing the two together.

On top of all that there may be a small something being said about women in comics. Whether intentional or not — and by all means I could be reading into this — Natasha has quite the dominate position over our nameless male there. I honestly tried not to read into this but couldn’t escape it. She literally has him on a leash, he’s bowing away from her, and gives her a place to rest her knee. Women have been portrayed in all sorts of ways in comics; the most common of those being as sexy/busty counterparts or disposable characters for our male heros to love and then lose; this image however, turns those concepts on their head and puts the fully-clothed woman in a dominating position of power.

Perhaps I’m seeing too much into this, but regardless, it’s stunning.

Other Honorable Mentions (click title to see cover):

Gears of War #15, Jack of Fables #49


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  1. Troy Freund says:

    Great cover indeed!  I’ve enjoyed Jae Lee’s artwork for many years and it only seems to keep on getting better and better! 


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