Cover of the Week: February 16, 2011

Every week I pick my favorite cover from all the comic books that came out during the week…today’s pick goes to Donald Duck and Friends #363 by Don Rosa and Carl Barks.

BOOM! Studious has helped make a name for themselves through some of their Disney comics, from the classics like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to the nostalgic Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck they’re giving back to the medium some of the most original and fun animated characters of all time; which is why I can’t help but love this cover. Whenever you re-create a classic it’s hard to bring back all of its original charm, in comics this is most obvious through art. And although not every Disney issue has looked exactly like it’s original (which, in some cases can be a blessing) my hat goes off to the team on this issue, this cover captures the original Disney animation style so well it stuck out more than anything else on the shelves this week.

From the watercolor-styled background, the slightly-faded colors, to the simple humor in what’s actually happening it takes me back to sitting in my Grandma’s basement watching her VHS tapes of recorded cartoons. The artists credited for this cover, Don Rosa and Carl Barks, must have a tremendous amount of respect and knowledge for the characters because it bleeds through in their own re-creation of them.

I love the world saving, the space battling, the multiple, infinite, and final crisis-ing, but I equally enjoy time traveling back to when I watched Tom & Jerry, Donald Duck, and Looney Tunes…and comics like this make it fun and easy.

For comparisons sake, and to just enjoy, here’s a 1952 Donald Duck cartoon:

Other Honorable Mentions (click title to see cover):

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #5, Uncanny X-Force #5, Daredevil: Reborn #2



  1. El Pato Supremo says:

    Carl Barks has “a tremendous amount of respect and knowledge for the characters”? Ya think? Maybe you should google Barks and see what comes yup.


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