Comic Book Favorites of 2011

  • March 5, 2011
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2011, to say the least, was big for comics. After cooling down from mega events (kind of) DC and Marvel returned to the form with Flashpoint and Fear Itself, all of which was overshadowed by DC’s relaunch, The New 52. Several big creators from the 90′s returned to the big time, the 22-page format began to dwindle away, and if that wasn’t enough this was THE YEAR of day-and-date digital comics, more than 50% of comics sold every Wednesday are now available digitally the same day their released in stores. So in honor of the last year we are returning to our “favorites”– throughout the coming weeks each writer for the site gets one selection for different categories such as favorite writers and artists to their favorite character, book, cover, death, and more, each spanning the 2011 year. Below are all of our categories so far (click to see each list):

More categories to come!


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