MegaCon 2011: News, Announcements, Rumors & Updates

In case you missed it over at our Twitter account, we were at MegaCon over the weekend. Not only did I get to rub shoulders with some of the industries finest, tour artist alley and discover new favorites, but in the DC Comics panel there were some very interesting news and updates. Here’s some of what went down:

DC Comics panel:

We helped break the news that Geoff Johns will be writing a new Aquaman monthly series after Brightest Day. There’s also a second monthly series coming from Geoff, no discussion on what it is.

Got to meet Geoff Johns:

Got to meet other creators such as Mark Waid, Ethan Van Sciver (kinda, see this update), Tim Sale, Greg Horn, Darwyn Cooke (a personal favorite) upcoming Batman artist Steve Scott, Frank Cho, any others.

I got a chance to actually talk to Darwyn Cooke, incredible artist/story teller and personal favorite, and in the midst of our conversation I asked him, “Anything your working on?” And besides his 3rd Parker book he told me, “I’m working with DC on what will be my biggest project from them yet.” His New Frontier work was a pretty big, so…count me in as more than a little excited.

Also visited the now infamous Rob Granito and his work for sale. If you haven’t heard, his exposure as a tracer who is putting his name to other creator’s work made headlines right before the show at Bleeding Cool [Link]

Got to meet Mike Maihack. Great artist and great guy. Please check out his stuff at

All in all it was one heck of a con! Follow us on Twitter @acomicbookblog to never miss a beat from us.


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