March 2011 Comic Book Sales Figures

The sale figures for March 2011 are in (and below the chart are some notes):

March 2011 Comic Book Sales


- As expected FF #1 topped the charts this month, gaving the industry at least one comic with an estimated sales number over 100,000; however, not to rain on FF’s parade but keep in mind that Marvel offered increased retailer discounts significantly for FF #1 and Fantastic Four #587 that were only achieved if the retailer doubled their orders. So, yes, it was a big issue and we loved it, but these numbers are a little skewed (the estimated sales is based heavily on how much each retailer orders, not on how much they sell).

- Speaking of skewed numbers…Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1 ranked 16th this month, an impressive number for IDW, was helped by a promotion they offered where any LCS that ordered 500 copies could get their store and logo on a variant cover. Cool idea (which worked) but I expect quite the drop with issue #2.

- It’s been this away for about 3-4 months but hasn’t been said (at least here) but Green Lantern is DC’s best selling title. Even more so than Brightest Day and the Batman books, which were at the top of charts towards the end of last summer. The switch seems to have happened around the time of Morrison leaving Batman and Robin and finishing up Return of Bruce Wayne.

- And about the Bat; the two best selling $3.99 DC books that switched to $2.99 at the start of the year hit retailers this month (Batman Incorporated and Batman: The Dark Knight) and the response was – I think – positive. Granted the sales did decrease, which is expected given delays and general sales trends, all three issues finished in the top 10. Since the switch DC has held onto the top rated comics…

- …7 out of the top 10 best selling comics were DC

- 10 out of the top 20

- If Marvel’s Fear Itself prelude issue, Book of the Skull #1, finishing at #10 overall is any indicator the two big events this summer could help drive sales. Especially if these events keep getting good pub like Fear Itself #1 has.


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  1. Mike A says:

    Are there any sales comparisons from decades ago. I’m curious to know what comics were selling in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s etc.


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