DC Comics Releases Video Presentation of the Relaunch

Released first from Bleeding Cool is DC Comic’s video presentation of “The New 52.” [Link] In attendance is Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Bob Harris, Eddie Berganza, and Geoff Joh – oh, nope…no Geoff Johns.

The video doesn’t offer anything new for fans keeping up with the news but it’s a nice presentation that sums up the whole shebang in about 3 minutes.

Two quotes stuck out to me:

That means that everybody can go out and buy their books in the traditional comic stores, but if you can’t get there you can buy these books on the same day digitally, online, and that’s what makes it great. [Dan Didio]

Whether your behind the relaunch or not, whether you hate the idea of new #1s or new costumes – to me – this makes sense. Comic shops are shutting down everywhere and print media is dying; offering your best material online the same day gives everyone a fair chance.

Were going to give them something that is the mother of all events. [Jim Lee]

“Event?” Jim Lee just said “event.” I’m sure he’s referring to the relaunch itself, but you heard him…he said “event.” Mmmmmm….


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  1. Chris Foster says:

    It was actually broke first by DC on their NEW 52 blog. Bleeding cool stole it from them.


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