SDCC Friday Wrap-Up: Panels, Remastered X-Men, Marvel Deaths & More

The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con kept trucking Friday as news, announcements, images, and panel talk provided enough chatter that even Google couldn’t ignore parts of it. Our Friday recap provides links and tidbits from some of the biggest comic book news of the day.

DC Comics/Vertigo

Info on the Green Lantern: The Animated Series: the style combines The Incredibles and Bruce Timm’s previous shows, brought on a CG worker from Clone Wars (thank you Bruce Timm!), the Red Lanterns are a little more kid-friendly, Timm and his team were told they could no use the Sinestro Corps as villains (hint to next GL movie?),  season 1 will have 26 half hour episodes, and Hal Jordan will not become Parallax. [Link]

Writer Scott Lobdell discusses Teen Titans and Superboy; says Kon-El/Connor Kent will be the villian for the first year of his Teen Titans run and that the “slate has essentially been wiped clean.” [Link]

From the Justice Leauge panel: Booster Gold will lead Justice League International (man he’s come a long way), Geoff Johns on the Aquaman book, “Anyone who says Aquaman sucks should read this book. There are people IN the book who tell Aquaman he sucks.” JT Krul talks Captain Atom and Green Arrow (Oliver Queen will be much younger) “Wally West will not be seen in FLASH for the foreseeable future.” On Cyborg joining the Justice League, “truly modern-day” superhero and because they wanted to do a Justice League that was not “the predictable Big Seven.” (I can actually respect that), Martain Manhunter explanation (he’ll be in the first arch), more collar talk, on Batman’s timeline, “He has operated for many years before Superman debuted as the first publicly known superhero. “ and more [Link]

Images from the Justice League panel [Link]

From the Superman panel: Art for Superman: Earth One sequel was revealed, the Daily Planet is now more than just a newspaper, first four issues of Action Comics are titled “Steel,” a Legion reference in issue #1, and more [Link]

Images from the Superman panel [Link]

From the New 52 panel: how the idea came about, “We equate event fatigue with bad storytelling,” Jim Lee on Superman and Louis not being together, DiDio actually opposed the renumbering of Action Comics and Detective Comics, info on the Killer Croc-ish character in the Justice League preview pages, costume changes explained, DiDio again confirming Stephanie Brown is alive and well, they’re will be no reverting (so they say), on Action Comic’s timeline, on the popped collar Jim Lee said, “there’s a sense of majesty and royalty with the high collars, and he wanted to make their costumes more formal,” and more [Link]

Images from the New 52 panel [Link]

The Unwritten will start shipping twice a month for a 10-issue event in November called, Tommy Taylor and the Way of Words. Also, The Unwritten will get a .5 issue number. Yup. Not kidding. [Link]

Marvel Comics

First look at a retail cover to Amazing Spider-Man #666. [Link]

Remastered and recolored images from Jim Lee and Chris Claremont’s X-Men #1 20th Anniversary Edition. [Link] Wow. Just…wow.

Marvel teases the death of Deadpool? [Link]

Marvel teases the death of Cyclops? [Link]

Info on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance movie. [Link] The movie actually seems to be picking up steam. Just like the last one did before it tanked harder than…than…look, it was just horrible.

Concept art for The Avengers movie gives us our first look at Hawkeye and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. [Link]

Preview pages to the new Avenging Spider-Man ongoing. [Link]

An Ant-Man movie is apparently “definitely on.” [Link]

The Amazing Spider-Man movie poster [Link]

Silver Samurai is the villain in the next Wolverine movie [Link] Meaning he’ll be a juiced up non-silver UFC fighter.

Image Comics

New comic announced, Mondo, written by Ted McKeever. [Link]

New comic announced, MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet, written by Lee David Zlotoff, creator of the TV series. [Link] Can’t make this up folks!


Another artist edition announced, Will Eisner’s The Spirit. [Link] Awesome.

Lots of new comics announced, a 30 Days of Night ongoing, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Memorial, Monocyte, and Godzilla, with art and details. [Link] The cover to Monocyte #1 looks awesome.

Dark Horse

New comic announced, The Massive, by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson. [Link]

Dark Horse Digital now offers Star Wars comics. More than 50 already loaded, ranging from $1.99 to free. [Link]

Hellyboy 3 talk [Link]

Oni Press

Supernatural western comic and fan favorite, Sixth Gun, will be adapted to television on the Syfy channel. [Link]


Steven freaking Spielberg was their and he confirmed Jurassic Park 4 [Link] I’m both excited and terrified. It’s my first dance in middle school all over again. live blogged during the Eisners [Link]

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