SDCC Friday Wrap-Up: Panels, Remastered X-Men, Marvel Deaths & More

The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con kept trucking Friday as news, announcements, images, and panel talk provided enough chatter that even Google couldn’t ignore parts of it. Our Friday recap provides links and tidbits from some of the biggest comic book news of the day.

DC Comics/Vertigo

Info on the Green Lantern: The Animated Series: the style combines The Incredibles and Bruce Timm’s previous shows, brought on a CG worker from Clone Wars (thank you Bruce Timm!), the Red Lanterns are a little more kid-friendly, Timm and his team were told they could no use the Sinestro Corps as villains (hint to next GL movie?),  season 1 will have 26 half hour episodes, and Hal Jordan will not become Parallax. [

Writer Scott Lobdell discusses Teen Titans and Superboy; says Kon-El/Connor Kent will be the villian for the first year of his Teen Titans run and that the “slate has essentially been wiped clean.” [

From the Superman panel: Art for Superman: Earth One sequel was revealed, the Daily Planet is now more than just a newspaper, first four issues of Action Comics are titled “Steel,” a Legion reference in issue #1, and more [Link]

Images from the New 52 panel [Marvel Comics

First look at a retail cover to Amazing Spider-Man #666. [

Marvel teases the death of Deadpool? [Marvel teases the death of Cyclops? [Image Comics

New comic announced, Mondo, written by Ted McKeever. [IDW

Another artist edition announced, Will Eisner’s The Spirit. [Dark Horse

New comic announced, The Massive, by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson. [Oni Press

Supernatural western comic and fan favorite, Sixth Gun, will be adapted to television on the Syfy channel. [Other

Steven freaking Spielberg was their and he confirmed Jurassic Park 4 [For more visit


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