The New 52 In 30 Seconds

DC’s seven figure advertising campaign highlighting it’s relaunch – which includes TV, movie, print, and social networking ads – gets it’s first trailer. And if your a fan of motion comics and metal music than this might be the universe for you!

To be honest, I’m actually impressed. 30 seconds is a short amount of time to sell someone on the concept and for the most part I think the trailer could/would/will make someone more interested. The art looked great, the effects only made it look better, and it managed to flip through it’s biggest characters and titles without being overstimulating.

I am with Rich Johnson though, the “call to action” is weak. I think the kind of person who would actually read a Superman or Flash comic would be more intrigued by this trailer; however, outside of hoping said person remembers the website the “what to do next” is hardly there at all. It’s more of announcement than any suggestion to go and actually buy anything. There’s no release date, no mention of mobile apps, social networks, or where to buy them in print.

And for the love of all things that are holy please PLEASE DC, tell me you’ll update before actually pointing people there.

I think it’s also worth nothing that the point to a website instead of a physical store is just another example of how significant of a digital push this is for DC.

Hal Jordan who?

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