Where To Start Reading: The DC Comics Relaunch

On August 31st DC Comics will relaunch their entire fictional universe (the “DC Universe”) with 52 new #1 comic issues, all of which will be ongoing books that are released once a month. No matter if your a die-hard fan or new to comics 52 new books of an entirely relaunched universe can be a lot to process.

Our “Where to Start” for the DC Comics relaunch is a streamlined list to help you with all of DC’s new books; 10 titles that we think are the most essential and cover the many pockets of the whole DC Universe. The list is written in order of their release date, so you can plan accordingly, we’ll explain why we think each book is important along with a related suggestion for another #1 that you might enjoy.

A quick note on where you can buy these…

Go to comicshoplocator.com to find a local comic shop near you.


Go to read.dccomics.com/comixology to visit the DC Comics digital storefront. Starting August 31st all DC comics will be released the same day digitally as they will in the stores for the same price – they also have apps for all Apple and Android devices where you can get to the same digital storefront. And IF you wait four weeks each issue drops $1 (online only). So if an issue costs $2.99 you can wait four weeks after it’s initial release date and get it for $1.99.

Go to dccomics.com/dcu/comics for the full schedule of which comics are coming out when.

Justice League #1 Aug. 31

Justice League will without a doubt be the flagship title to kickstart the new DC Universe and the fulcrum point for the most important universe-wide events. Written by Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and drawn by Co-Publisher Jim Lee the title features a superhero team constructed from some of DC’s most renown and legendary characters and for at least the time being will be the heart beat of the relaunch. DC is pushing this as THE book to buy and we don’t recommend skipping it.

More info & art HERE and HERE

Buy it HERE

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What else to try: Justice League International #1 – Sep. 7

Action Comics #1 Sep. 7

The original Action Comics #1 comic book, published in June 1938, is where it all started…Superman was introduced and the term “superhero” was coined. So you can imagine the significance of this book, which is why they have comic book legend Grant Morrison writing it. The new Action Comics will begin during Superman’s youth with a story arc that will eventually catch up to real time – were essentially witnessing the new history of Superman. Morrison has said he’s in for at least sixteen issues but will “keep going as long as it seems exciting.” So, DO NOT SKIP THIS BOOK and strap in, because if Grant Morrison’s history is any indicator, were in for one heck of a ride.

More info & art: HERE and HERE


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What else to try: Superman #1 – Sep. 28

Batgirl #1 Sep. 7

Barbara Gordon is one of the most beloved characters in the entire DC Universe; having been paralyzed by the Joker she was no longer able to be Batgirl and became Oracle, the electronic eye of Gotham City. She became just as powerful without the use of her legs through her computer/electronic skills and developed into one of the most renown and respected heroes in all DC Comics. Through some feat though – of which we don’t know yet – shes back as Batgirl and is sure to be one of the most talked about characters in the relaunch. Fan favorite Gail Simone, who is all too familiar with the character, will be writing the series.

More info & art: HERE and HERE

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What else to try: Nightwing #1 – Sep. 21

Green Lantern #1 Sep. 14

Geoff John’s – also writing Justice League – is coming off 67+ straight issues of Green Lantern and jumping right into the newest volume. Hal Jordan will be featured again as the main character but with a major twist, his former mentor turned bad guy, Sinestro, is back in the Green Lantern Corps and serving alongside his old protege again. Since it’s rebirth Green Lantern has been one of the more prominent and influential books for DC Comics and if you like your sci-fi, or just anything awesome, this might be one of your favorite reads.

More info & art: HERE and HERE

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What else to try: Green Lantern Corps #1 – Sep. 21

Batman #1 Sep. 21

Author Scott Snyder, who’s written some of the most acclaimed Batman stories over the last year, promises us an intense Batman story that not only includes Batman’s history and the whole crew of characters but returns the book back to featuring Bruce Wayne under the cowl; it’s a whole new starting point with all his history intact. Batman is an absolute central character to both the fictional DC Universe and the actual DC company and all signs point to this being one of the most exciting books to come out of the relaunch. If your at all interested in the Bat, this is where to start.

More info & art: HERE and HERE


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What else to try: Batman and Robin #1 – Sep. 14

DC Universe Presents #1 Sep. 21

DC Universe Presents will be a title that rotates it’s central character with every new story arc (which usually last 4-6 issues). The idea is to give lesser known characters a chance in the spotlight; first up is Deadman with a five-issue arc. A book like this is a chance for readers to dip their toes into less familiar pockets of the DC Universe. It’s excitement comes from never knowing exactly what to expect or what character – who you may have never read or heard of before – might become one of your favorites. Anyone interested in a deeper look into the library of DC characters look no further.

More info & art: HERE


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Where else to try: Animal Man #1 – Sep. 7

Wonder Woman #1 Sep. 21

Despite usually losing the popularity contest to her counterparts in DC’s own “trinity” with Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman is one of the most renown characters in all of superhero-dom. With roots heavily influenced from Greek Mythology Princess Diana has been everything from barbarian warrior to a secret agent. And with her relaunch writer Brian Azzarello teases, “It’s a horror book. We’re running right up to the edge, as far as what we can get away with.” Wonder Woman lives within one of the most unique cultures of the DC Universe and we can’t recommend checking it out enough.

More info & art: HERE and HERE


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What else to try: Supergirl #1 – Sep. 21

Aquaman #1 Sep. 28

Aquaman is making a big “splash” with DC’s relaunch (see what I did there?) Geoff John’s – also writing Justice League and Green Lantern – is an architect of sorts for the DC Universe having written just about every character, structured numerous events, and is largely responsible for the popular relaunch of Green Lantern in 2004, which led to the movie. He seems to have the “magic touch” and his relaunch here of Aquaman will be closely watched. And it’s a safe bet to assume that his stories in Aquaman will tie-in to his other works, Justice League especially. Aquaman is far from a new character but he’ll be getting a new and fresh chance. Get on the bandwagon now before it fills up.

More info & art: HERE and HERE


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What else to try: The Flash #1 – Sep. 28

Justice League Dark #1 Sep. 28

DC has some of the worlds greatest superheros, flying around in their capes and cowls, but it’s also home to characters and stories where magic and mysticism are just as powerful. In Justice League Dark some of DC’s greatest magical heroes, Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna and John Constantine (from the Constantine film) will team up to fight the forces of evil, an evil that’s a little different than giant robots and mad scientists. If your at all unfamiliar with DC’s “magical” corner of their universe this book is sure to familiarize you with it and introduce to all sorts of goodness.

More info & art: HERE and HERE


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What else to try: Swamp Thing #1 – Sep. 7

Teen Titans #1 Sep. 29

What started out as the “junior Justice League” in 1964 – all the sidekicks coming together to form their own team – eventually turned into the Teen Titans. The Teen Titans has been a fan favorite since it’s creation; the high energy and coming-of-age drama not only makes for a fun read but has been a time of growth and maturity for a lot the younger solo superheros, Nightwing, Blue Beetle, and Cyborg just to name a few. The characters of the new team and the adventures they’re sure to have will touch all corners of the DC Universe.

More info & art: HERE and HERE


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What else to try: Blue Beetle #1 – Sep. 21

If you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment and we’ll try to help you out. Until then, happy reading!

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  1. Andrew says:

    I, for one, am boycotting DC comics. This new reboot is really the final straw for me. They’ve tried it before and it didn’t work then and it won’t work now. For the past 20 years whenever a writer is dissatisfied with the work of a predecessor or whenever the fans get uppity, DC reboots. with each reboot creating a cascade of more problems for continuity and the readers.
    I recognize that sales are in the dumper and the company is willing to try anything but the reboot solution is not another reboot other than the cure for addiction is more heroin.

  2. Stephen McMillan says:

    I have just ordered my first Comic Book as an adult (i’m 37), and look forward to reading Justice League #1 when it gets here. I was excited when I read they were rebooting the entire DC universe because I have wanted to read Batman for a long time and have never known where to start. (A million thanks for your “Where to Start” blogs as I also now plan to buy Batman Year One ASAP)
    As a novice, when you see comics numbered in the hundreds it puts you off as you have no idea when a particular story arc actually starts or finishes, or whether any of it will make sense without reading the previous 100+
    I bought “The Tick” when I was a teenager because I could start at #1 (also it was very funny).
    With issue #1 I know I’m getting the start of a story, with issue 600 I’d never know.

    I understand many fans have a problem with the reboot and I can understand how they must feel. However I feel DC are caught between a rock and a hard place as they will struggle to get new readers otherwise, and without new readers they would eventually die.

    They have at least 1 new reader, hopefully they have many more.

    • John Barringer says:


      Curious to hear your thoughts on Justice League #1 or the rest of the reboot now they’re were 3 weeks in. Congrats on your first comic purchases, welcome to the addictive hobby!!

      • Stephen McMillan says:

        So far I have purchased JL , Detective Comics, Action Comics, Batgirl, Green Arrow and Green Lantern. Justice League has sucked me in, I can’t wait for #2. I really enjoyed Detective Comics and Action Comics as well.
        Batgirl is intriguing. Green Lantern was ok considering my entire knowledge of GL comes from the movie trailer earlier this year (plus JL#1, and a bit of Wikipedia research). Green Arrow was a disappointment, but I’m willing to forgive it as overambitious exposition and will at least read a couple more issues before I decide whether to continue reading it or not. I have put a standing order at my local Comic book store for all of the above, plus Batman, The Flash, DC Universe Presents and All Star Western. Will probably cut this down a bit in the coming months but if the stories are good enough I may stick with them all.

  3. Nitespore says:

    I totally agree with what Stephen McMillan just said.

    I think I grew up during the Golden Age of comics–I’m 52–but I never read them a a kid. I have no idea why that is. I only remember reading Archie comic books! Lol.

    But now, I can finally start at Day One. I’m really excited. I’ve already picked up most of the #1s, even though I said I wouldn’t. I’m looking forward to discovering which titles I really want to follow.

  4. Jarn says:

    DC is Dead to me… and one more thing.. J.T Krul destroyed Green Arrow..

  5. ComicNewbie says:

    Started collecting about 3 weeks ago, and have started in (be prepared for a big list) supergirl, superboy, superman, superman action comics, green arrow, aquaman, red lanterns, green lanterns, and 6 others. I have become completely addicted. I was wondering though what the names are for the old 67 issues of green lantern. Supposedly they are in bundles now and I was wondering if you (john) could possibly tell what the names are because I love green lantern. Thanks!!

  6. Neil says:

    ‘John Constantine from the Constantine film’.

    Hang your head in shame, young man.

  7. Bob says:

    I like this site from what I’ve read so far…but…agree with the last commenter – John Constantine from the Constantine film??


  8. jimmy says:

    so i can read batman the new 52 with out getting batman year one, batman long halloween ETC..?


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