10 Comic Book Gifts That Should Be In Your Letter To Santa

Tis the season to get stuff; whether your buying for someone else or crossing items off your own list Christmas is a great time to fill out that empty space on your comic shelf, to finally buy (or hopefully get) that one trade/hardcover/omnibus you’ve been thinking about for six months. To help you shop for a comic fan or figure out to spend that gift card you got we’ve come up with 10 comic book gifts that would look good on any letter to Santa, we’ve even done some of the shopping for yah.

We’ve added some of the best prices we could find, they change daily though.

Invincible & Walking Dead Compendiums $65 & $60

Invincible @ Overstock for $38 & @ Amazon for $40

Walking Dead @ Amazon for $32 @ Overstock for $35

Two of Robert Kirkman’s greatest works put in their own compendiums (a.k.a. a really big paperback book). The Walking Dead, of which the TV show is based on tells the story of Rick and his family as they survive in a world overtaken by zombies. And Invincible is Kirkman’s creator owned superhero book and might just be the most underrated superhero comic in the business right now. Kirkman is a master at his craft, these two books help prove that. The Invincible Compendium collects the first 9 volumes (issues 1-47) and the Walking Dead Compendium collects the first 8 volumes (issues 1-48).

Think of it this way, the first 9 issues of The Walking Dead or Invincible would cost you almost $30. You can get the first 9 volumes for close to that same price.

Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition $75

@ Amazon for $47.3

@ Buy.com for $52.3

Darwyn Cooke is writing and illustrating the comic adaptions to author Donald Westlake’s (a.k.a. Richard Stark) first four Parker crime noir novels; the first two, Parker: The Hunter and Parker: The Outfit are collected here in an oversized hardcover format with an additional 65 pages of content, featuring a new story not collected in either original book. Both editions won Eisners the year they were released (the comic book industries ‘Oscar’ equivalent; The Hunter for Best Adaption from Another Work and The Outfit for Best Writer/Artist) and the series is considered by many to be one of the best in the industry. Any fan of crime movies or books – or the TV show Mad Men – would be lucky to have this book in their possession.

Batman: The Black Mirror $30

@ Anime Castle for $16.1

@ In Stock Trades for $17.4

@ Book Depository for $19.5

Their was a lot of anticipation building when Scott Synder was announced as the new writer for Detective Comics last year and he delivered in spades. Synder’s run would be considered a modern day classic and the hardcover includes such extras as character sketches/designs, all the covers (spliced between the issues), page layouts, and Synder’s original script from the first chapter of the arc “Skeleton Cases.” It’s thick, Jock and Francesco Francavilla’s art and layouts are amazing, and it is a “must have” for any Batman fan.

Comic Wallets $18 – $30

@ Facebook.com/ComicWallet

@ Their shop on Facebook

Add wallets customized with your (or a loved one/friend) favorite comic panel or page to the list of ideas I wish I had come up with. Send in your comic/page and you’ve got a new way to keep your comics close to your heart. Ok, closer to your butt – you know what I meant. They’res also a great selection of pre-made wallets; everything from Wonder Woman and Power Girl to Thor variant covers and The Walking Dead. Want to keep Black Cat in your hip pocket? Now’s your chance.

Red Wing $15

@ Amazon for $7.9

@ Book Depository for $11.2

Writer Jonathan Hickman is one of the best in the biz and his return to Image Comics with Red Wing, which would be the first in a series of publications for his project called ‘Plus,’ was met with the kind of excitement and great reviews you would expect. A time traveling and space epic featuring future fighter pilots – the perfect stage for a mind-bending conceptual brain like Hickman and newcomer artist Nick Pitarra. What is sure to be considered one of the better miniseries of 2011 shouldn’t be skipped by any comic fan.

Jack Kirby: Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1 $40

@ Overstock for $22.5

@ Tales of Wonder for $24.8

@ Books-A-Million for $25.6

For the comic history buff or the Bronze Age fans – heck, everyone – Jack Kirby’s Fourth World comics are pretty high on the comic book totem pole and the first volume of his collected work is now available in paperback without taking anything away from the striking collected format of the hardcover edition. A glue bind, thicker paper stock, flat colour and little to no tinkering of Kirby’s original art makes this an easy purchase. Whether to transport one back to the days of yesteryear or as a glance into comic history Kirby’s influence to the DC Universe is undeniable, and is worthy of any collection.

Rocketeer Adventures, Vol. 1 $25

@ Overstock for $16.3

@ Amazon for 16.5

The Rocketeer is one of the more beloved yet underrated comic characters out there. Creator Dave Steven’s, who did almost all the original series exclusively, homage to the heroes and pulp drama of the 20’s and 30’s would inspire a sea of comic creators, a movie and even a Super Nintendo video game. The Rocketeer Adventures from IDW was an anthology miniseries by some of the industries best and brightest creators such as John Cassaday, Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek, Darwyn Cooke, Alex Ross, Dave Gibbons and Mark Waid – just to name a few (there’s a lot more). Four issues, each containing four stories makes sixteen fresh beautifully done Rocketeer tributes. Lucky is the fan who get to unwrap this little doozie.

Comic Cubes $70 – $1,820

@ ComicCubes.com

Comics are beautiful; the white cardboard boxes we keep them in, not so much. Comic Cubes answers the call to high quality comic cabinets. They’re each custom made by a professional craftsman and require no assembly (unless you want to stack em). They will instantly graduate any comic-cave, even look good in the living room, and give you more protection than any long box can offer. Each one can hold up to 150 comics (including bag and boards) and are made of Baltic plywood. See for yourself what collectors say about them, including pictures of their setup in their forums. A no brainer for any comic fan or collector.

American Vampire Vol. 1 $20

@ In Stock Trades for $11.6

@ Amazon for $12.4

Original scripting by Stephen King, Scott Snyder (one of the hottest names in comics right now) writing, Rafael Albuquerque on art – what isn’t to like about the 2011 Eisner award winning ‘Best New Series?’ And don’t let the recent vampire craze keep you away, there’s no sparkling, quite the opposite, American Vampire “explore(s) notions of vampire evolution and trace the bloodline of a new kind of vampire, an American species, with new powers and characteristics, through various decades of American history. [wiki]. The collected edition is now out in paperback and packs the same amount of punch. Celebrate the holidays the right way – with bloody vampires from the 1920’s.

Who Is Jake Ellis? Volume 1 $17

@ In Stock Trades for $9.9

@ Book Depository for $11

@ Amazon for $11.2

What started out as a five-issue miniseries got so popular that the title from Image comics was extended to an ongoing; good news for writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Tonci Zonjic, even better news for us comic fans as we get more of this. Jon Moore is your on-the-run international super spy now criminal who receives aid from a mysterious person only he can see, Jake Ellis. Who is Jake Ellis? Is he something from the mind of Jon Moore? Something more? Well – were not telling. Give the Bourne movies a rest, get a good mental image of Ethan Hunt, and put in a James Bond soundtrack (Casino Royale is my suggestion) and sit back with Who Is Jake Ellis, one 2011’s best sleeper series.

Hope everyone gets everything they want and maybe even ventures into trying something they hadn’t

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