Black Widow Vs. Deathstroke [Fantasy Battle Tournament]

Stepping into the ring today is the deadly soviet super spy versus the tactical terminator for hire. The fans have been polled. Their votes have been recorded. Let the battle begin.

Black Widow Vs. Deathstroke

Darkness. A bone chilling darkness. Years of training to be a secret agent has given her plenty of knowledge on how to deal with sense deprivation techniques, but this darkness doesn’t feel real. For one, she cannot recall any events that led up to her being here. The last thing she can remember is soaking in a luxurious bubble bath after a long night of chasing and decimating a rouge band of Hydra agents with her Secret Avenger teammates. The soft lavender candlelight did make her a bit lightheaded, but not enough to knock her out. Maybe they were poisoned. What’s even stranger is that she appears to be fully dressed and all of her weapons seem to be on her person. What moron would give her that kind of advantage. In any case, these questions will be answered when she gets her hands on whoever thinks they have her trapped.

“Haven’t they heard that a Black Widow is one of the deadliest spiders in the world?” she muses to herself. “And a cornered one, surrounded by darkness, is twice as deadly.”

Suddenly, a strange and unfamiliar voice speaks in her head. “Defeat your enemy and you live. Lose, and you die. Refuse to fight and I’ll kill you both.”

“Come on out and make good on your threat!” yells the Widow. “I dare you!”

Her only response is a laugh and a sudden burst of light. Natasha immediately unloads a few Widow’s blasts from her wrist guns into the direction of the light while crouching down to the ground. When she hears no grunts of pain and no attack comes, she slowly rises and opens her eyes. Looking around, the Black Widow takes in her surroundings.

She appears to be in the center of a control room. Giant monitors are randomly flashing from image to image of various rooms and hallways. All of the rooms appear to be empty. No guards. No people. Not a single movement of any kind.

“What the hell is going on?” whispers the Black Widow.

Slowly reaching into her belt pouch, Natasha taps on her Avengers distress signal, but it does not appear to be working. With no other options, she decides to leave the room and explore the strange base she appears to be trapped in. Cautiously opening the door, Natasha enters another room.  To her surprise, a strangely dressed man in blue and orange armor is standing at the far end of the room. He is brandishing an evil looking longsword in one hand and a small gun in the other. The gun is pointed directly at Natasha’s heart.

“Relax, little girl.” says Deathstroke. “If I wanted to shoot you, you’d already be dead. I just wanted to talk to you for a minute before I decide whether to kill you or just beat you into unconsciousness.”

Seeing she is outmaneuvered and at the mercy of her opponent, the Black Widow thinks quickly and decides to try a little bit of subterfuge. “Take it easy.” she says slowly, and starts to raise her hands in defeat. “I mean…”

“Put your hands down right now or I’ll put a bullet in your skull!” yells Deathstroke, causing Natasha to stop her motion. “You think you can nail me with those wrist cannons before  I can pull this trigger, you give it a try.”

“How did you….?” gasps the Black Widow.

“Know about your guns?” interrupts Deathstroke. “Let’s call it my little secret. I also knew you were in the other room and looking at the monitors. That’s why I chose to stand right here, in the blind spot of this room’s camera.”

Pointing up, the Black Widow notices that there is a camera right above her opponent’s head.

“Now onto my questions. Who are you? Why are you here? And what have you done to everyone?” asks Deathstroke. “Tell me the truth and I promise not to kill you. I don’t like killing pretty girls. Not unless someone pays me enough, that is.”

“My name is not important. I have no idea how I got here. I have no clue where here even is. I also don’t know where everyone is.” replies the Black Widow calmly. “If you plan on killing me, just shoot me and stop with all of this macho posturing.”

“Shoot you?” laughs Deathstroke. “Where would be the fun in that?”

Suddenly, Deathstroke drops his gun and charges Natasha. With superior reflexes, Natasha instantly reacts by unleashing a barrage of Widow blasts. Yet somehow, her strange opponent easily manages to dodge every blast. It like he knows where the blasts will come and just evades them at the last second. Within moments, he is out of blast range and Natasha is forced to engage in hand to hand combat.

“Show me what you’ve got, sweetie.” says Deathstroke with a malicious grin. “Make it interesting.”

Sensing her fate, the Black Widow still unleashes a most courageous assault using all of her skills and training that she attained from being a spy and an Avenger. She unleashes everything that she was taught by Captain America and Daredevil. She throws every last ounce of sweat and effort into dropping her enemy. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough. Deathstroke parries most of her blows with ease. As for the rest, he just seems to evade them as they are about to connect. Its as frustrating as fighting Spider Man. Still, the courageous warrior refuses to give up. For all the good it does her.

“Well this was fun, dear, but I have a mystery voice to kill and you’re just boring me now.” says Deathstroke. “So what will it be? Death or a nap with a painful headache in the morning?”

“Do what you want. But my advice would be to kill me. Because I will not forget this. And the next time we meet, I won’t show you any mercy.” growls Natasha.

“Hahahahaha.” laughs Deathstroke. “True enough. I like you, girl. I think I’ll let you live. Just so we can dance again. Maybe by then you’ll be good enough to fulfill your threat. For now, say good night.”

With that, Deathstroke launches an assault of his own. Black Widow tries valiantly to defend herself, but is no match for the superior strength, speed and skill of Deathstroke. Within moments, a gloved fist connects with her temple and the Black Widow falls to the ground, knocked unconscious. Deathstroke slowly walks over to his prone enemy and checks her vitals.

“You weren’t bad, girl.” says the mercenary with a grin. “If someone paid me enough, I might even consider killing you. For now, I have someone else on my mind. You hear that voice? I know you’re out there. We will meet face to face one day, and I will shove my sword through your chest. On that, you can be certain.”

The only answer he receives is a laugh and darkness.

The Winner: Deathstroke

With a commanding 65% of the votes,  Deathstroke is the winner and moves on to round two. Is that who you would have picked? Make your opinion heard. Please comment on this article. Don’t forget to keep voting for the next battles…



  1. Liheibao says:

    Oh, hell no! The Widow would . . .she would . . ., OK, Deathstroke would win.

  2. scott says:

    Really?? That was lame. She didn’t even have a chance. Give her a second chance and make the playing field a little more level!!!

    • Victor Kutsenok says:

      Thanks for the comment Scott. Unfortunately she lost by a landslide. The fans who voted made it pretty clear that they thought she had no chance so I incorporated that into my story. I would have liked for her to put up a better fight as well, but the fans spoke, and I listened. Keep voting on future battles (Round 2 coming in 2012. Shameless plug!!!) so this miscarriage of justice doesn’t happen again.


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