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Deadpool vs Evil Deadpool. The Conclusion. Today I will be reviewing Deadpool #49. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Deadpool #49

So let’s talk about the book. First, let’s recap issue #47 and #48 which due to the holidays, my screaming kids, and all of the other books and articles I review and write, I never had a chance to review. In issue #47, Cap and Deadpool duke it out until Deadpool tricks cap and runs away. Meanwhile Evilpool gets an assassination job from Mr. Negative. As Deadpool tries to find Evilpool, Cap is tracking him. He comes up with some hair brained scheme to trick Evilpool and have Cap come to his rescue. Too bad Evilpool gets the drop on Cap and knocks him out. In issue #48, nothing really happens at all. The entire issue could have been summed up in two pages. Deadpool escapes a sticky situation to go after Evilpool with Cap hot on his heels. Onto this issue. Deadpool goes to war with Evilpool. The battle goes back and forth for a while with each Pool trying to outwit the other. In the end, Deadpool saves the day and rescues the kids Evilpool was hired to assassinate. They are about to throw down again when Captain America busts in and orders them to surrender. Evilpool resists and a firefight erupts. During the fight, Evilpool is hit with a dart that causes him to fall to the ground and die. Deadpool is so fascinated by this that he takes the dart, Evilpool’s body, and teleports away. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. Now that the story arc is over, I kind of see where Daniel Way was going with this story. Basically, he was showing Deadpool that no matter how much good he does, how many lives he saves, he will still be viewed by the mainstream heroes as a villain. You know what? Good! I want way to go with that concept. What made Deadpool so damn popular in the first place? It was his killer instincts and I don’t give a F@CK attitude. Somehow, his insanity and random outbursts was accepted by the fans, allowing for multiple spin off titles and guest appearances. Then he went all PC and now his appeal is slowly dying off. All of his secondary books were canceled. His Max book is crap. The fans are sick of him and his overexposure. So why not return him to what made him awesome? Make him a villain again. Stop putting him in moronic situations and have him fight some serious enemies. Just stop treating him like a joke. This is a man who can go toe to toe with Captain America, Wolverine, and any other skilled fighter you can throw at him. I know he’s insane and mentally disturbed, but haven’t we played that story out enough? So what now? I know he’s dying next issue, but that won’t be the end of him. So how about making this a serious book again after the next story arc ends. I’m just saying. This issue was the typical Pool story. Insane conversations leading into a battle where he not only manages to beat his opponent, but outwit him as well. The action was pretty tame but well laid out. The book moved along at a nice pace and the limited amounts of humor were well placed. I just wish the book had more substance other than a repetition of past lessons. The art was great once again so absolutely no complaints there. Evilpool’s face was a masterpiece. The expressions on all the characters were clean and easy to understand. Not too many details in the panel backgrounds but still not really a problem. I’m just looking for something else and I haven’t been getting it for a while now with this book. Hopefully, that will change in the future. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
a really nice story arc with decent humor, great art and a whole lot of violence

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  1. Doctor Deadpool says:

    Idividually, the issues were a little weak but as a story they really come together as a whole. I know Daniel Way catches a lot of flak, but his Deadpool run has been far from a straight-up comedy.

    Deadpool appeals to the sinner in us- we connect with a guy who does bad things for selfish reasons, who knows its wrong and does it anyway. Who tries to turn his life around but can’t seem to do anything right. And at the end of the day he pretty much gets what he deserves.

    I mean, I know I’ve been there. I think most people can say they have.

    Anyway, I missed your Deadpool reviews.

    • Victor Kutsenok says:

      Thanks for the love and the comments Doctor D. I agree with you on what you say. Deadpool is the devil on your shoulder telling you to do bad, but you know it’s wrong so you don’t. We live out that need for badness through the Merc with a Mouth. I just wish he’d stop with the total insanity. Do you remember how deadly and feared he actually was when he first came out? He single handedly took out almost all of X-Force, including Cable. He’s a trained, highly skilled fighter, killer, and assassin. I just want him to be treated with some more respect. Remender made it all right to ignore him in the people’s eyes in Uncanny X-Force. He made him soft. Now Way is treating him like a joke for the past year. Except for this issue, where Wade finally comes to grips with the way he is perceived by the people he thought were his friends and allies. That was the first real bit of character growth that I’ve seen all year. I want more. Hopefully, my wish will be granted.

      • Doctor Deadpool says:

        Seriously, at the very least he could annoy his other teammates. A little anger would be better than treating him like he’s invisible.


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