Favorite DC Comic Books of 2011

What a year for DC. A universe-defining event in Flashpoint, wrapping up final issues, and the relaunching of an entire line of books gave fans one heck of a rollercoaster, and although were now well into DC’s “New 52″ the lasting impression from the titles that came before are still fresh in our minds (and in some cases will never leave). DC’s complete body of work in 2011 is unlike any year we’ve ever seen; still, everyone has a favorite…

Our favorite DC books category includes any comic book series from 2011; before or after the relaunch.

Swamp Thing | Geoff Arbuckle

I’ve only ever really touched on Swamp Thing in all the years I’ve read comics. With an idea of what’s going on with Swamp Thing and Alec Holland following Brightest Day, I wasn’t too sure about what the series would offer. When I decided to give it a shot, I was surprised by the overall beauty of the creepy story and the idea of the Council of Trees trying to recruit a reluctant Holland back into becoming Swamp Thing and, more importantly, their ultimate warrior against the “Rot”. It really is a book that challenges you and makes you wonder if you can even trust the Council of Trees or if Holland’s reluctance to become Swamp Thing again will doom us all.

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Detective Comics | John Barringer

The creative team behind Detective Comics hit a Batman-noir home run unlike anything the character had experienced in a long, long time. From Dick’s continued maturity into the Batman role from the return of Jim Gordon’s [villain] son James Junior Scott Snyder wrote an 11-issue run that had all the elements of a good grounded Batman story (which provided a refreshing parallel to Morrison’s Batman work, which despite it’s own greatness is anything but) with his own horror twists; at times this book was downright creepy. Add two artists like Jock and Francesco Francavilla to the mix and it’s easy to understand how this was a stand out title from just about everything else DC published over the last year. And maybe the most satisfying part – (no, not that the book went from $3.99 to $2.99, although that helped) Synder delivered an ending worthy of the incredible journey.

Also, Batman fought a Killer Whale. Come on.

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Action Comics | Phillip Carson

Grant Morrison on Superman. That’s pretty much all you had to say to get me to show up. Morrison’s take on a rough-around-the-edges Supes in the early days of his career has been electric, featuring multiple villains, from Luthor to Metallo to Brainiac, all going up against an untested and less powerful Man of Steel. Adding to the old-school feel has been Rags Morales art, which evokes the pulp fiction illustrations of the 30’s. For the last few years, it seemed like a Superman book being in the Top 10, let alone Top 3, was just a dream. But now it’s a reality, thanks to Action Comics.

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Batgirl (Pre-Reboot) | Dan Cole

Although it was thrown aside for the reboot, Bryan Q. Miller’s take on Stephanie Brown was a delightfully fun one. It felt fresh as it dealt with Stephanie juggling her vigilantism with her personnel life, which is amazing considering that is what a large percentage of comics deal with. But Miller created a unique voice for Steph and her adventures in and out of the cowl where compelling. The lighthearted nature and expert characteristion of the title will be sorely missed.

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Demon Knights | Victor Kutsenok

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a die hard Scalped and Fables fan and I think these two books are consistently the best written titles in the DC arsenal, but Demon Knights just blew me away. As one of the few actual NEW ideas to erupt from the mess that is the DC-Nu, Demon Knights takes an entirely new spin on some classic mythical characters. I love the whole medieval theme of the comic. It gives a Dungeons & Dragons fanatic like myself something very familiar to immerse myself into. Also, since it is a fresh concept to DC, it allows for new fans who don’t really care about superheros to pick up and read something catered specifically to them. (Which I thought was the entire purpose of the reboot to begin with) The action is non stop as is the humor. There are new characters being introduced as well as familiar ones being reestablished. The art is in a classic Conan style and a joy to look at. Al in all, a perfect book.

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Demon Knights | Paul Mallory

Although it has archetypal characters that we’ve seen in every Medieval story (wizards, warriors, and knights), this book has nothing holding it back, and if it stays in the right hands, I see no reason why it can’t be a mainstay of the DC Universe.

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Titans | Tom Parry

As the reboot grew near, many books dropped the ball searching for a quick end, but somehow the villain infected Titans series managed to bring about a solid conclusion to a story that had been lingering since the end of Cry for Justice last year. With Arsenal finally realizing who he was after having lost so much, and turning to stand against the Titans with Jericho, of all people, by his side, the finale of Titans was a true highlight in my year of comics.

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Secret Six | Wayland Smith

It was great twisted fun, with some wonderfully developed characters and bizarre plot twists. This was a fantastic and fun book which rarely had a false note in it, and I’m among the many who mourn its passing.

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Let us know what your favorites were!



  1. jamie insalaco says:

    I’m with Dan; Batgirl (Pre-Reboot) all the way!

  2. AComicBookLook says:

    I don’t know about Secret Six or Titans, I thnk both of those titles could have been better, but I agree with everyone else, and my personal pick would be Snyder’s Detective Comics run.

    We talk about 2011 and what we are looking forward to in 2012 in our last issue of A Comic Book Look:



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