Fatale #2 Review


Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ 50’s style noir/horror mystery deepens.

Fatale #2

Josephine arrives at Walter Booker’s home looking for an item she knows he has hidden somewhere.  Meanwhile Booker and his partner raids a hide out of an underground cult.  After Booker eventually runs down one of the cult members, he beats him mercilessly.  The cult member becomes possessed to tell Booker the Bishop is coming for him.  Josephine and her other lover, Hank Raines discuss their plan to bring Booker down.  Booker meets with Bishop to discuss a deal to rid himself of cancer.  The trade would be Hank’s pregnant and pained wife.

As absolutely cool this story by Brubaker is, and as beautifully drawn it is by Phillips, this series is great on just about every level.  As a crime drama, it’s gritty and sharp.  It’s got a sexy edge to it that’s reminiscent of an old Bogey/Bacall flick that perfectly fits it into that noir genre.  As a horror story, it’s legitimately tense and creepy.  Without a doubt, this book succeeds on all levels and creates a visceral experienced that immerses the reader completely.

Phillips’ art is as striking as it is beautiful.  Every page features at least one panel that goes from beautiful to sexy to violent to creepy as hell.  Coupled with Dave Stewart’s gorgeous colors, this is a complete package.  You have Brubaker drawing you in with his script while you are dumbstruck by Phillips and Stewart’s visuals.  It’s a book that is as much experienced as it is there to entertain.

I can’t help but think that, with a little less adult language and sex, this is what it would have felt like reading a crime comic in the early 50s and, I’ll tell you this, it’s a great feeling.


Pros Cons
Wonderfully dense story that doesn’t once go over your head and art that is flat out beautiful. A complete throwback to the pulp crime stories of the Golden and Silver Age while still using the element of horror expertly. None.

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