The Boys #63 Review

The war continues as the action and tension rises. Today I will be reviewing The Boys #63. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

The Boys #62

So let’s talk about the book. The Frenchman and The Female have broken into Vought Executive’s office but are surrounded. That doesn’t stop them from attacking Vought Executive’s new team of superhero bodyguards, Teen Titanic, with insane abandon. They are getting the upper hand when one of the opposing heroes manages to blow the Frenchman’s arm off. The Female proceeds to lose it and continues to maim and kill anyone in sight. That is until Vought Executive orders his bodyguards to stand down and then offers aid and freedom to The Frenchman and The Female. Meanwhile, Hughie comes face to face with his maker. A-Train is tied up and helpless in front of him. After some hesitation, and some prodding from Butcher through some tape recordings, Hughie finally loses it and kicks A-Train’s head off. While this is happening, Starlight is packing to leave the Seven. She is confronted by Maeve but she allows Starlight to leave. As they are going, the Homelander appears in their way. Maeve tosses Starlight out of the headquarters, allowing her to escape, and attacks the Homelander, who is too strong for her and smashes her with all of his might. She flies out of the base and down to earth like a rocket. Starlight follows her path of descent while the Homelander watches. Back at the Boys’ base, Butcher gets a call from Vought Executive AKA James Stillwell, who tells him what happened and convinces Butcher that they have both been set up. Butcher accepts this and starts making plans to stop the Homelander. And that’s the book.

So let’s talk opinions. Finally, after over five years, Hughie has nutted up and become a man. Finally, he has taken a life solely for vengeance and with pure anger. Our little boy is all grown up. Finally, after over five years, Butcher is taking out the Seven. Finally, after over five years, we learn Vought Executive’s name. Now you know we’re coming to the end of our story. This issue was filled with great plot progression. Everyone’s agenda is moving along nicely. Butcher has achieved his goals with Hughie. Hughie’s life has come full circle. Homelander has achieved his plans to take out the trash, meaning Maeve. Next stop, world domination. This issue was packed with action and emotion as well. The battle between the Female, the Frenchman and those lame superheroes, Teen Titanic, was hilarious. Especially when the Female played bullseye with Dry-Hump’s chest cavity. That was some awesome shit. In fact, the art in this issue was consistent to the tremendous art that has graced this book since day one. Characters are big and jump off the page. Expressions are clear and easy to read. Violence is plentiful and never shied away from. I did enjoy the emotions that the Female expressed over seeing the Frenchman hurt. I’m not sure if she loves him like a father or a man. Hopefully, Garth will address it before the series ends as that has been a long hanging plot thread. Also, where was Black Noir? I seriously need some sort of exposition on this character as there is very little time till the end and he is still a complete mystery. I’m curious if he will play a factor in the final confrontation and whose side he will end up on. Maybe, underneath that mask, he’s someone we know. So many questions and not muck time to address them all. At least the final battle has begun and both sides are ready. I can’t wait for the final story arc. Let’s hope it end the series with a bang. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.


Pros Cons
great plot progression. awesome old school action. great art no Black Noir

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  1. JerseyCHUD says:

    I thought Hugie’s facial expressions when he finally taps into his suppressed anger toward A-Train were extremely well drawn and among the most accurate I have seen in any comic book. It was genius to have Hughie’s protectiveness toward Starlight be the trigger. How could any man say he wouldn’t feel the same thing in that situation? For Butcher to remain calm and almost silent throughout the whole ordeal was the perfect tactic to allow Hughie to feel everything himself. Still, the trigger for Hughie killing A-Train was ultimately protection of a living person, whereas Butcher is seeking only revenge. I wonder if this will be explored before the end.

    Amyway, from the preview for issue #63, it appears MM reveals a big secret, and presumably this will be about Black Noir. If they find, as I suspect, that Black Noir is pretty much a brain damaged zombie, then maybe someone (Butcher?) will be able to impersonate the character, which shouldn’t be too hard since grunts and evil laughs seem to be about all Black Noir ever says.


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