So…Hows DC’s New 52 Doing So Far? [Roundtable]

dc comics new 52 review 6 months

Now that were well past the first six months of DC Comics New 52 it seemed like the right time for another roundtable; when I asked all the authors, “So…hows the New 52 going so far?” I ended up getting one of our meatiest roundtables yet.

Justice League Dark

Geoff Arbuckle

I’m overall happy with most of what I’ve read. I originally wanted to stay around the 8 series mark, but found myself drawn into things like Batman (which doesn’t happen much for me), and just about the entirety of the “Dark” line. Overall, it’s the first time in a while I’ve been excited to read new DC stuff. Some books are much easier to digest as a “just pick it up and go” while others still have me asking questions that are both good and bad. If there is just one thing I’d like to see more would be the actual time lines. Seems an awful lot has gone on in such a short period of time for the Batman section and the Green Lantern area. Just some sort of clue about what years things happen in, if certain stories are actually on different Earths (that would be awesome) or what. Overall, I still get excited to read a lot of the books that I’ve picked up and am having a real hard time finding jumping off points to ease the load on my wallet!

Captai Atom

John Barringer

The New 52 has a lot of issues (lots of ‘trying to be edgy, I’m still dumfounded by Justice League, and the collected editions coming out so late is embarrassing) but overall I have to give the DC offices a lot of credit, they are pulling off one of the ballsiest moves in modern comics history and are setting themselves up for the future  - and it’s not like DC post-relaunch didn’t have it’s issues. But for me personally I’m having a blast with the books I’m committed to, in my entire comic book reading career I’ve never bought one single Wonder Woman comic and now it’s one of my first reads the week it comes out.

I’ve got my complaints with it like everyone else but the truth is I’m buying more comics than I was, I’m enjoying the majority of them, and I’ve even started buying digital comics. I think that’s exactly what DC planned on right?

And hey, if it took a whole relaunch to get a Captain Atom book than it was worth it.

Action Comics

Phillip Carson

Overall, I haven’t been a big fan of the New 52. There are some gems, to be sure, like Action Comics or The Flash. But overall, the tone has just not been something I’m into, whether it’s Detective‘s overcooked splatter-porn or Aquaman‘s watered-down banality. The books that attempt to be edgy have come off more exploitative, and the whole thing has just felt rushed and forced, as are most attempts by middle-aged guys to be “hip” and “cool.” There is a sense of desperation to DC’s constant shifting, from cancelling books to shutting down their message boards to resurrecting Watchmen. I know they’re aiming for the excitement of “Anything can happen” but it’s coming off more like “We’ll try anything!”

But that said, I’m still hopeful they’ll iron out the kinks. I’m excited for EARTH 2 and Scott Snyder’s “Owls” Batman crossover. And if all else fails, I’ve still got the Animated DVD’s and Young Justice to get my DC fix.


Dan Cole

Generally speaking the new 52 has been a success. It would seem that a lot more people outside the comics community are talking about DC’s heroes. The books are selling well and for the most part there seems to be an enthusiasm and excitement around the industry. Although some of the least popular books have been cancelled, there is still a sense of momentum and the new books on the horizon have great potential. Personally it has been the first time I have collected so many DC books. As a Marvel boy it has been hard to admit that DC has two of the best books on the stands right now. Both Animal Man and Batwoman have completely taken me by surprise. Both full off character, solid narratives and fantastic art. But they aren’t the only surprise as Snyder’s Batman is really as good as people are saying. Batman is a character that I have never kept with on a month by month basis, but with the New 52 this is one (out of the many Bat titles) that I’d like to read and keep up with. That leads onto one of the great aspects of the relaunch, there is seemingly a book for everyone. Be it bombastic action, supernatural hijinks or solid character pieces, the 52 has it all. Some may not work but there is a great level of choice. There have been real duds and missteps though. The obvious choices are the re-imagined Starfire, Sucide Squad and Grifter. Each one as shallow, boring and pointless as the last. However some of the other titles have glaring problems with them. Green Arrow’s opening issues saw Oliver Queen hit women, whilst another character spouted outdated ideas of how the internet causes violence. Batgirl’s Barbara Gordon became dull and uninteresting as her constant navel gazing became unbearable. But the biggest offender for me has been Geoff Johns’ multiple projects. Green Lantern is bloated and bogged down with Johns apparent obsession with whiny Hal Jordan. Justice League seems to be all over the place, in characterisation and pace. Although I would say it might be good for younger and new readers, but I’d assume most people want more (just look at our review by a 13 year old). Aquaman however gets the most flack from me. Hate is a strong word, but the way the book has been going it’s easily the worst thing on the shelves. A hollow spectacle, devoid of genuinely interesting plots and characters. But even with these blips in quality the New 52 has been consistently solid on the whole. A real injection of freshness into the industry.


T. A. Ewart

After six months of the New 52, I must say that if I was a new reader, I’d be done with DC altogether. The offerings that I’ve read have not lived up to the hype, or even the modicum of quality that one would expect from a reboot. I had and still have many issues with John Byrne’s reboot of Superman, but Byrne knew how to craft a story, and knew how to deliver a story on time. Many of the characters of the New 52 are unrecognizable. Yes, with a reboot there will be some change, but the core of the character should be there. For instance, who is Wonder Woman in the New 52? She acts one way in her own title, and is a totally different person in Justice League. Superman is a different character in every book he appears in. I enjoy Nightwing, but that’s only because it’s reverted to what the title was before he became Batman. Nothing new or fresh there (and Nightwing is mediocre at best.

The only hope that I’ve been given is the appearance of Pandora, who is responsible for the cluster of scat that is the New 52, which means that there’s every chance that this will all be a bad dream for the DC heroes, and a loss of only a year of my comic reading life.

Jamie Insalaco

DC’s ‘New 52′ was, for me, the perfect time to get out of a situation I was no longer comfortable with: the 10 plus Batman titles, the disastrous Green Arrow story arc that wouldn’t move forward for nearly a year and the end of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl were just a few of my pre-reboot gripes. I dropped all of my DC titles and once things restarted, I picked up Justice League as I thought that a new beginning of a book that featured DC’s biggest stars would be impossible to screw up, but if this book is indicative of the rest of the New 52, I made the right decision to keep my book count at one. I just don’t understand why it took four or five issues to put the team together during a story arc that moves like molasses and does little to develop the characters or their relationships. Once this arc is over, I’ll officially be finished with DC for the foreseeable future. Good luck, DC – if Justice League is the best you can do, you’re going to need it.


Mathis Koos

6 months in and I think the New 52 has been a success. Back in September I tried a crap ton of new titles and here are the ones that I am still following: Action Comics, Animal Man, Aquaman, Batman, Batman and Robin, Batwoman, Green Lantern, Justice League, Swamp Thing, and Wonder Woman. Batman and Robin, Detective, and Justice League are by far the weakest links but I am still going to give them a few more issues. I work at a comic store and this relaunch has been a success for us. A big chunk of titles like Green Arrow and Superman are actually selling less than before the reboot but titles like Action, Justice League, Batman, and Detective sell much better than before that it more than makes up for it. I personally have never followed an Aquaman title regularly and have never even read a Wonder Woman title but this reboot has me doing jut that. They also managed to get me interested in Superman who is a character I normally just don’t care for. I hope they keep the creative teams on these books strong as that is what will keep the sales up and crossovers like the Court of Owls will need a level of quality through each of the parts to keep readers from giving up. All and all I’m happy with the New 52 and am reading more DC books at one time than I probably ever have and as long as the good work keeps up and the universe isn’t broken into 52 parts for the 100th time, I’ll be back for more each month.

Victor Kutsenok

As far as I’m concerned, I have mixed feeling about the reboot. On the whole, I think it was great. It allowed lots of new fans to get in on the ground floor as was evident in the huge increase in overall sales of DC titles. It gave creators a fresh slate to re-imagining some golden and silver age classics. It infused excitement and mystery back into comics as a whole. However, where it failed was in the execution. Unfortunately for DC, in my god’s honest opinion, the thing that they are usually renowned for was sorely lacking in this reboot and that is writing. I feel their stories were not reboot quality. Some were great, but most were not. The trade paperback mentality of writing that has really plagued Marvel recently has infected DC and it caused a lot of their first story arcs to drag. On top of that, the lack of origins and initial back story made many of the characters very tough to get assimilated with. In addition, the radical change in personalities on some of the main characters themselves made it hard for old time fans to accept these heroes as the ones they grew up with and loved. As a person who collects only 2 DC hero titles, but have collected every major DC event since Crisis, I found these remakes completely strange and very much in the Marvel style of character development. Still, for the sole increase in interest, I feel that this change is a success, but I can’t wait until its over and the historic characters of yore are returned in all of their glory.

Batwoman New 52

Paul Mallory

The “New 52″ is exactly what I thought it would be: part legendary, part junk, some of it standard, and a lot of it mediocre. There were some things we knew we wouldn’t get, but asked for anyway (acontinuity that made sense). There were some things we didn’t ask for, but got anyway (another Supergirl origin story). Personally, my biggest disappointments were The Savage Hawkman and Firestorm, two characters that were ready to carry their own books, but which fell flat on their faces, the latter worse than the former. But hey, we finally got that Batwoman book.

Tom Parry

Comparatively speaking, for the most part, outside of Justice League and the Batman titles, DC Comics are selling roughly the same as they were at this time last year (Feb’11 to Feb’12)… sure some, like Green Lantern, are also still a bit up (though GL is not outside the realm of its pre-reboot reach), but to aknowledge that you also have to aknowledge that others, like Green Arrow, are significanly down in comparrison. I said that month seven would be the real indicator, when we’d start to see what the reboot really did to DC Comics, so we’ll all need to keep a look out at the end of this month for those sales figures, but by the looks of things… yeah… we’re gonna see a massive dip in the next couple of months, and I’m holding to my theory that the reboot will have effectively done more harm than good in the long run. By year’s end, I’m sure we’ll start seeing interviews with some people admitting that it was all a big mistake, and we might even see some movement to “correct it” through another big event story… another Crisis, as it were. Just watch.

Now it’s your turn, “So…hows the New 52 going so far?”

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  1. Mike says:

    I had high hopes for this reboot, and bought 30 books the first month. I’m down to 6 now, and when they raise the prices on Batman and Detective, I’ll drop those. I quit buying Marvel books because they’re too expensive. As some of you guys have said, slow pace and bad writing are major complaints. But I’m tired of the crossover mentality and all the guest stars. I’ve got Event Fatigue. I don’t want to have to read multiple titles to understand the one I’m actually interested in. I’d love to see a poll: when a comic crosses over, do people buy the additional title? And are they happy about a crossover? (I resist because I feel that I’m being taken advantage of, so I generally stop buying the comic I was already getting.)

  2. Chris Kelly says:

    Epic Disaster. Rumored development is just more of the same, lame twists and overkill retcon. Terra and Gar are coming back, but not in anyway we will remember. Will rush out to get that.

    Raven is the daughter of… Darkseid? YAWN.

    They didn’t just mess the reboot up (and offend every fan over 40) but they had to tarnish the memories of what used to be. The Reboot is starting to stink like Episode I did. Right about when they explained the force was really just a bacterial infection.

    NONE of the stories they are working on are at all as interesting as the ones they rectoned out.

    Plus, they cancelled TINY TITANS!

    • Timmy says:

      While I agree with you sentiments about the relaunch and Episode I’s quality, I hate it when people call midichlorians a bacterial infection. Doing so shows nothing but one’s lack of understanding about what was being said.

      Midichlorians didn’t infect you, they were ever present in all life forms and life itself couldn’t exist without them. Their existance in the films did nothing but ampliphy the dipicted difference of the times… from a technical “we know this” scientific stand point, to a faithful “it just works” mythic stand point, that existed later because it was that big of a deal and Yoda and Obi-Wan had other things to teach Luke rather than the scietific specifics of how it works.

      Now, before you say “Obi-Wan described the force differently in the first movie,” no he didn’t. Midichlorians are NOT the force, they are what connects life to the force, they are what gives people a way to connect with and utilize the force. In the original movie, Obi-Wan described the force. In Episode I, Qui-Gon described how they were able to use the force.

      Might I suggest studying up on the subject so you can see how much the midichlorians actualy amplified the Star Wars universe as opposed to harming it (as so many Han Shot First fanboys exclaim).

  3. NCDawgfan says:

    I’m buying more books than I used to, some that I otherwise wouldn’t, and enjoying just about everything. So from my perspective, yeah, it’s been a huge success. It’s hard not to get the sense, from some of the commentary above, that a few of the contributors here really *want* DC to fail at this. And I’m afraid I just cannot understand that mentality at all. It’s also hard not to get the sense that many comics fans believe themselves to be part-owners of the characters, etc. Get the hell over yourselves. If you don’t like the product, just don’t buy it. Stop acting like you were betrayed by your business partner.
    After a 15-year hiatus, I returned to comic books last year, and the overwhelming sentiment that I picked up all over message boards, blogs, etc., was that the comics industry needed something new, needed to take risks, needed to shake things up, etc., if it was to have any chance of surviving. Since then, DC’s made an earnest attempt, while Marvel sat on their hands and offered retailers a variant edition of one of their over-priced, boring-ass books for torn-off covers of the new 52.

    • I think anyone who’s invested a lot of time, money, and emotion to anything has a bit of that “part owner” mentality, same thing with sports fans. But I agree, I struggle with people who outright hate what DC is doing. Even if they fail with some titles or characters at least they did something. Which is not only working for them but is going to get the whole industry to step up their game (or so you would think).

      • jamie insalaco says:

        you’re both right – NCDawgfan has it right with his “don’t buy it if you don’t like it” mentality and John, you’re right on with how people feel about a change to something they’ve made an emotional connection with for so many years.

        I was unhappy with the direction DC was taking pre New 52, but I’m not a good test case – i only read Batman books (too many – and taking Stephanie Brown away was the last straw), Green Arrow (really got brutal that last year) and a few others, so even though I bought over 10 DC books a month, I still only got to see a small portion of the universe. When Justice League didn’t didn’t work out for me after the first arc, I bailed.

        there are probably some good books in the New 52, but i’m passed the point in my life where i can read 10 batman books a month. so this is the best decision for me.

        i doubt anyone wants DC to fail – instead, I think many of us here at ACB smell a marketing ploy that some suspect will be abandoned when sales weaken.

  4. Jessica says:

    The New 52 did what it set out to do, for me at least.
    I haven’t read comics since I was a teen. I’m reading them now. I now have a vested interest in 6 DC titles.
    Reading Batgirl has lead me to read comics from the 60s plus The Killing Joke.
    Reading the Savage Hawkman has lead me to research and read both Golden Age and Silver Age Hawkman.
    Reading Supergirl has lead me to actually like her character.
    Perhaps it’s because I’m a girl. Perhaps it was because, as a teen, I was lead to believe I hated DC, Marvel was the end all- be all with Spiderman and X-men. This relaunch did give me a fresh place to start, and genuinely become a true comic book fan.
    So for every fan boy out there wagging his tongue about the horror out there that DC has brought upon the comic world, there is probably someone else who doesn’t troll the blogs and boards who is buying and comics and enjoying them.

    • jamie insalaco says:

      I highly recommend you snap up the pre New 52 Batgirl series featuring Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. It was only about 24 issues or so, but it’s one of my favorite runs of comic books of all time. i’m sure DC has bottled it down to 2 or 3 graphic novels by now…

  5. Kelvin says:

    Like everyone else it’s very hard to generalize everything the New 52. DC has put itself in a very good place in terms of publishing because they can cycle out books that lack popularity and replace them without as much of a fuss with their “Next Wave” pitch.

    While I’m happy that I keep hearing good things about Wonder Woman because I felt she’s always received the short end of the stick when it came to DC’s holy trinity but I’m not interested in reading her comic and same goes for Aquaman.

    Justice League was very disappointing but it was flashy enough and once it gets both feet on the ground I’m sure it will be a fun book once it gets it together.

    Superman I was very disappointed because I so desperately want to enjoy him again and there ARE interesting stories to be told about him but no one can seem to do it!

    I was very sad to see Dick leave the cape and cowl because I loved the idea of there being two Batmen and he was finally starting to move past just being a place holder! Nightwing is also want to like and his new costume is pretty cool and the stories aren’t bad by any means, I just miss him being Batman!

    That being said I love Scott Snyder and he can really tell a great Batman story! I love his detective scenes! My only complaint is that Greg Capullo needs to stop drawing everyone with a square jawed, black hair, and blue eyes!

    I also really like Red Hood and the Outlaws despite the hate its received. I’m glad writers have found a cool way to exist outside his hatred for the Bat Family and the art is really something! My only complaint is please be nicer to Starfire. I know people have been griping on her but whenever I watch Teen Titans I am reminded she’s now a shadow of what made me like her so much.

  6. Bob says:

    What a waste of an article. Just a bunch of uninformed hate (for the most part). They even have a dope on here who only read Justice League and based on that concluded that the other 51 books were just as pointless. Of course Justice League is going to suck. How can you expect a book with so many superhero’s to be able to capture the same emotional depth as a book that focuses on one or a few? Whether its Avengers of JL, it will always be a cluster F. Before you weigh in on the New 52, you should do some research and figure out what the best books are. I’ll save you some time: Start with Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, Frankenstein and Batwoman and work out from there. A lot of you (not all) just come across as Marvel fanboys dismissing the New 52 offhand. If you don’t like DC and you don’t read DC, don’t write about DC.

    • A book with a lot of superhero’s crammed in that was also great, 52. Also written (kinda of) by Geoff Johns. It can be done.

      Agreed on Wonder Woman too, what a great book!

    • jamie insalaco says:

      Sorry you didn’t like the round table.

      I only read Justice League once New 52 started because I got tired of reading so many Batman books and the last year or so of Green Arrow pre reboot was, in my opinion, awful. beyond that, I was mostly reading Vertigo books besides DC proper books, so it seemed like the right time to get off the train. I wanted to at least try to stay in the loop, so i thought Justice League might be a good way to do this.

      I disagree – I like team books very much. I like having different character pepper the story with different points of view. That being said, there are way too many Avengers books – New Avengers and proper Avengers have their offices separated by just a few blocks… I don’t get that…

      But I really didn’t like Justice League’s first arc – it dragged after the first issue and I found the conclusion unsatisfying to say the least.

      I was hesitant to participate in this roundtable, and I can’t speak for John, but I assume he wanted as many perspectives as possible, and I come from a very different place than most of the other writers as I don’t have a ton of DC experience. Ultimately, I like DC’s characters, but they execute things in a way that don’t work for me at this time.

      I miss Batman Confidential and Batgirl, Stephanie Brown edition! maybe someday, i’ll get my way again.

  7. Prizzy says:

    In regards to how the New 52 or the DCnU is doing after the first six months, I would say overall it’s been an interesting mix. There have been some real surprises like Demon Knights, which I didn’t think I would enjoy nearly as much as I do. Then there are the ones that I thought I would really love like Superboy, which feels as though it is missing some key elements and is a little to packed with characters that don’t need to be there… YET.

    Some titles like Justice League I’ve kind of lost interest in because it took too long to build up. Seems to have great potential but, potential doesn’t sell books.

    I find that I do read more titles than I did before the reboot, but I also find that books I did read, I’m no longer read. Haven’t really picked up much in the Green Lantern family except the main title, & with Dick not in the cowl not really into much of the Batman family. Really did enjoy the Stephanie Brown Batgirl & surprised at how much I don’t like Gail Simone’s Barbara Gordon.

    Either way have gotten more into comics that I was before the reboot, so in my “consumer” opinion I think they are doing a great job.

    Just as a take away about this round table, in my opinion there were some great points made. Some of the opinions did come off as sounding like Marvel fans pissing on DC. I’m sure if there was a round table about when the 616 Universe “rebooted” after Seige it would’ve come off soundling rather one sided. Keeping that in mind I believe that during these roundtables the book should be looked at for what they are, in that they are not Marvel books, and opinions should be gathered in whats good & whats not.

    Just 1 guys’ thoughts.

    • Victor Kutsenok says:

      For the record, there has NEVER been a full company “reboot” for Marvel. The whole multiverse concept was strictly DC. There was no reboot after Siege. Marvel is strictly into renumbering, repeatedly, for no apparent reason whatsoever other than to drum up sales on #1s and rip off consumers. That being said, I love the new fans and the increased sales that this reboot has created. I just wish it was a full company reboot. There is way too much timeline and continuity confusion once again in DC. The Bat and GL books never got rebooted, just renumbered. The other books are either in the past or in the present but just as confusing. JL just sucks, as does anything Geoff Johns writes other than GL. I do agree on Demon Knights. Best book of the entire reboot. I wish DC the best and I hope the reboot is a huge success. And I am a die hard Marvel fan.

    • jamie insalaco says:

      “Really did enjoy the Stephanie Brown Batgirl & surprised at how much I don’t like Gail Simone’s Barbara Gordon. ”
      I took this loss personally as this was one of my favorite books and decided not to buy the new Barbra Gordon book out of spite.

      I’d have to disagree with the sentiment that “Some of the opinions did come off as sounding like Marvel fans pissing on DC.” I think we do a pretty good job of calling something what it is. I, for example, hated Siege with a passion and I was careful not to let Marvel trick me again with Fear Itself. Marvel’s events are totally unsatisfying – that goes for whatever the Daredevil event was called, too! If you want to see a Marvel fan trashing Marvel, check out my Iron Man 2.0 reviews

  8. Mike says:

    As a person who tried jumping into comics back at identity crisis and found that the characters didn’t match what I remember from tv, movies and reading the reprints of the golden age comic… I love the reboot. Trying to jump in 5 years ago was nearly impossible. There was too many crossovers and team up of different characters. I have a starting point now. I wish that had included origin stories for all the new 52. At first I was wondering if I missed something. But as the issues went on I have enjoyed this collection with every new issue. @ Paul Mallory I disagree with you completely on Savage Hawkman. This has been my favorite of the new 52 but I didn’t see the characters complexity until end of this latest arc. I enjoy how his character has struggled with who he is and that he really doesn’t know what he is capable of (same of the new Flash). I agree with the panel about Justice League. At times it feels disconnected and rushed to get to the next arc. Overall as a person who knew very little about what came before I have enjoyed this as a jumping off point.

    I am reading Action Comics, Dective Comics, Savage Hawkman, Flash and Justice League. Looking forward to the large print of Animal Man, Aquaman and Captain Atom since I wasn’t able to get these comics starting at issue 1.

  9. JBP says:

    I’m sorry. The “New 52″ leaves me cold. I find that I hardly buy any of the titles that I formerly did. For example, Justice League was one of my favorites. I quit after 3 issues of the reboot. (and the hinted-at stories on the final, pre-reboot issue of the League…I would have LOVED to have read them!) I know that I’m not in the demographic they were shooting for, but …damn, I used to buy their comics, and now I don’t. What more is there to say.

  10. NYJ says:

    Ireelevent. The prequels- and everything they ‘contribute’ to the mythos- are utter crap. Just like the New 52.

  11. Brandon2814 says:

    I used to read comics as a child and a teen but got away from it for whatever reasons. I briefly got back into it with marvels civil war but then stopped again until cable messiah complex came out. Other then dc movies and cartoons I didn’t care for the comic bookd until I read geoff johns green lantern rebirth. I have since read every title of gl since. The new 52 was perfect for me. I am now reading comics I never would have considered before. Here is what I’m collecting and I have only been dissapointed by justice league international.
    GL new guardians
    GL Corps
    Batman Inc
    Green arrow
    So there is 13 books I now read that I wouldn’t if not for the relaunch. So in my case it works

  12. Scott says:

    I have been reading DC comics since they were 12-cents apiece and I subscribe to 18 DC books a month. I will cut that back to 2 or 3 books by this fall. I gave the New 52 a year and I’m not impressed. The writing is shallow and the plots can be hard to follow or very simplistic. I am finding it hard to connect with the characters. I almost feel like DC is aiming for the young teen crowd but not many in that group can afford the books these days. I understand DC’s tough situation. Older readers like me are demanding better stories but DC has to cultivate younger readers too. I will continue reading the Legion books only because I have been with them through so many incarnations and their placement in the old Adventure title and as a backup in Action.
    I’m disappointed with DC. I’ll come back if the damage from Flashpoint is fixed and the old DC universe is restored.

  13. rob says:

    I am a newcomer to buying anything from DC on a regular basis or at all I, used to buy only Marvel books and have recently returned to find….. I (admittedly only looking at covers) have found nothing of interest in

    marvel at all. Upon looking at the new 52 i was astounded to find an interest, in yes, DC, and yes Aquaman of all the titles. The artwork is AMAZING and the storyline is at times intriguing . I also started Green Lantern but have dropped it because storyline is dragging. I then also started Batman The Dark Knight, the artwork is better than batman. With Winnicks story and the artwork i was overjoyed… Where I am confused is where do i start on this owl story line with Batman?

  14. symbiote1982 says:

    When the reboot was announced I made the decision to stop buying any new DC books and instead work on my post crisis, pre flashpoint collection, I was born in ’82 so the only DC universe I’ve ever really read is the post crisis one, I fell that it’s my DC and when they brought it to an end I was sort of happy that I have a tangible end point. I have no maloce or bad thoughts for DC or its current output, I’m just thankful I have over 20 years worth of continuity that I really enjoyed. I wish DC all the best with whatever they try, and if the. Universe does revert back to its prior self I can just write this new 52 thing off as a Heroes Reborn analogue.

  15. ZL says:

    I don’t know if it’s a bit late for me to weigh in on this but who cares. My sister and I started reading the new 52 after the Avengers. We decided “hey, let’s try some of these comic things” so we started looking at titles. While we could have jumped into marvel it looked pretty intimidating and DC had just rebooted so it seemed like a good choice. We are now reading 9 DC titles of varying regard and are having a blast, so for two comic illiterates the new 52 worked amazingly. Some of the titles we read get good reviews and some don’t but as far as I’m concerned if you like it read it, although as a newbie to comics I’ll be the first to admit I don’t quite get the longtime fan predicament.

  16. Hal Jordan says:

    I don’t like the. New 52 because the older superheroes have been turned into younger ones
    For instance Allan schott is gay and has a ok suit but I kinda l liked it the way it was before because it kept the old character superheroes legends.They basically kept the main superheroes the same but they completely changed the side heros.geof johns could have made flashpoint a good comic without altering history in the process. superman looks good in the way Geoff johns makes him look but in the way the other people are making him look with a tee shirt and jeans he looks like crud.the only people I’m not concerned with are flash,aquaman ,batman,wonder woman ,and green lantern.the only person who I thought their change was a lot cooler was green arrow .New 52 brought back people they worked so hard on killing.Plus they put cyborg on the team what’s up with that they should put somone cool on there like green arrow plus jla needs team up with earth 2.I don’t like how they changed red robin either he is a completely different hero now.
    Plus kid flash is supposed to be flashes replacement


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