The CW’s Arrow Gets It’s First Teaser & Workout Montage

The CW has released our first teaser from the pilot episode of Arrow, the next comic book adaptation for TV. And it actually doesn’t look too bad. I can only think of one thing missing during his workout…

The best person to speak to the subject, our resident Green Arrow nut, Tom Parry:

I’ve watched this video about a dozen times now, and I have to say that I truly I can’t wait for the fall.

Its true that it doesn’t give us much of anything for the story (outside your run of the mill training sequence), but just the fact that its Green Arrow, and that its the first video promo for his own show… I’m speechless. I honestly never thought this day would come, even with talk of an Arrow spinoff from Smallville (which this is not), I never truly let myself believe it until that first promo image, and even then I was still wary (though I hid it from everyone, playing the eternal optimist). But now that its been picked up, and is scheduled to air Wednesdays next fall alongside Supernatural… wow. just wow. Words cannot properly express how excited I am for this series, so I’ll just skip to my thoughts about this first video itself.

So we see Ollie going into an old rundown warehouse of Queen Industries, and begin a training regiment. The voice over clearly refers to a conversation we don’t see here, and is thus mostly useless outside of setting up that our hero is “just beginning,” which is sort of a “duh” statement, but it works for what it is. The training and prep itself is quite nice, though. We see him making arrows, which is something we see him do in the comics from time to time, usually during prolonged inner monologues, which the “just beginning” thing seems to feel like it could be, and thus this felt like a really cool set up for me. The exercises that followed were great for showing us just how fit our star is, and that’s always a good thing for a superhero show, but the hanging exercise seemed a little stupid to me to show. Not because I don’t understand the exercise that calls for that, but more because it doesn’t really look like our actor was really able to do said exercise very well, and thus fell to the stretch at the end to make it look better than it was… not that I could do even what he did here, but we’ve seen this exercise in other shows, and he just didn’t pull it off in a very impressive fashion, in my opinion, thus that shot became my only negative take away from the video, yet only a very minimal one. The next shot, however, is the big one, as we finally get to see Ollie pull out his bow. This test of skill is a nice demonstration of our archer’s abilities, and the continuous shot of him drawing and pulling and drawing and pulling was great. Stephen Amell is really channeling the archer mentality here, and I think he pulls it off quite nicely, making himself look as great as Ollie is supposed to be, and that speaks volumes for what we can expect in at least the action of the show… I only wish that we had gotten to see him in costume.

All in all, its a great little teaser for us fans, but I don’t think it would really excite anyone else. They need to make a better promo before they start airing them, but as this was more just for the announcement (which is something only us fans were really looking for) I think that it works fine. Regardless, its just so awesome to finally have this series being made that any little footage will surely be devoured by people like me, all of whom will undoubtedly tune in next fall once the series begins, and that (for me at least) is going to be one hell of a long hard wait.

And if a video teaser wasn’t enough to get us excited Andrew Kreisberg, author of Green Arrow and Black Canary, and Marc Guggenheim, author for Wolverine, Blade, The Flash and Astro City wrote the pilot.

So lots to be exited about.

Probably no Sylvester Stallone though.

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  1. Dan says:

    Freddie Prince Jr. is back! Let’s see if this can cut it after smallville’s amazing run


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