Third Dark Knight Trailer [Breakdown], Starring The New DC Logo

The third and finale The Dark Knight Rises trailer is out featuring the new DC logo and lots more. Which we breakdown…

0:08 – The new DC logo makes it way on the screen. I might be the only one but I dig it.

0:15 – “Theirs a storm coming” we heard Selina Kyle give say this in an earlier trailer, makes me wonder if she’s speaking metaphorically or has any insight into Bane’s plans/arrival.

0:21 – Bane starts out a prisoner, like it.

0:30 – Bane breaks out, like it even more.

0:34 – There has been a lot of [unnecessary?] talk about Bane’s voice, it def is more clear than the last trailer.

0:43 – Lots of talk about the role Joseph Gordon-Levitt might play here; is he the future Robin? The future Batman? The future Azrael (this I seriously doubt)? My guess is were probably speculating too much here but he keeps getting more time in the trailers.

0:48 – Bridges going down in Gotham, no way in or out, makes me think of No Mans Land.

0:55 – Wait, who’s “they?”

1:00 – Bruce in a foreign prison? I know it’s a long shot, but we know that the movie will features some flashbacks right? Wouldn’t it be kinda crazy [yet plausible] if these scenes took place before Ra’s ever got him out of jail in Batman Begins?

1:05 – “Your punishment must be more severe.” Punishment? So Bruce does something to Bane to tick him off?

1:09 – “Do you think he’s coming back?” Probably kills my whole Bane-meets-Bruce-before-Batman-Begins theory. Oh well.

1:11 – So Bane beats Batman at some point. Probably how we got captured.

1:21 – “You should be as afraid of him as I am.” (Selina Kyle to Gordon-Levitt’s character). Definitely feeds the idea that Selina Kyle knows more about Bane.

1:35 – Any real-life shot of Batman on the top of a skyscraper looking down on Gotham is my favorite shot.

1:36 – “You don’t owe these people anymore.” This is the third reference in the trailer about death, sacrifice, or debt – even stronger evidence that this movie might end with someone dying. Mmm…

1:52 – Two tumblers? What if – what if Bane got a hold of the tumblers? I mean they were military concept cars right?

1:54 – Bruce and Talia kissing? Freaking love it. Thank you Mr. Nolan for diving deeper into the Bat-lore.

1:57 – Selina Kyle kicking butt. Wonder if she’ll actually ever be called “Catwoman?” My guess is yes. As a code name or something.

The Bat-BFG

2:01 – A new batgun, I’m calling it the bat-BFG for now.

2:11 – “My mother warned me about getting in cars with strange men.” …eh.

2:12 – “This isn’t a car.” Awwwwwesome!

July 20 people.

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