[Thoughts On] New & Canceled Series, #0 Issues, And A Ridiculous Cover From DC’s New 52

Lately DC has been busy announcing changes to their New 52 line which includes a full month of #0 issues, 4 new ongoings, and 4 canceled series. In other words, September is going to be an expensive month…

For the entire month of September (it’s called “O” month) every DC title will be numbered #0. From  DC Entertainment Editor-in-Chief, Bob Harras:

Some issues will tell the origins of a character or a team, or in some case where an origin has already been told, they will fill in the blanks in terms of questions readers may have about the New 52 DC Universe – Each of these issues promises to reveal something surprising.

I like this. Comics are always and will always be hard to know exactly where to start and I think the publishers are smart to experiment with ways to give readers an obvious “jumping on” point. I don’t want this all the time, or even part of the time, but annually is fine with me and I know it will tempt me to try different titles.

Also debuting in September with issue #0 are four new titles:

TALON – Co-Writers: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. Artist: Guillem March.

Meet Calvin Rose, the only Talon to ever escape the grasp of the Court of Owls. This former assassin of the Court is trying to live a normal life … but that’s impossible when he’s being hunted by his former masters!

SWORD OF SORCERY – Writer: Christy Marx. Artist: Aaron Lopresti.

Featuring the return of Amethyst, Amy Winston leads a strange life on the road with her mother and resents it. She’s about to learn it’s all been necessary when she discovers she’s the lost princess of Gemworld—and she’s being hunted by her murderous aunt. With a back-up story written by Tony Bedard with art by Jesus Saiz, set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the monstrous warrior Beowulf is charged with finding and defeating the evil Grendel.

THE PHANTOM STRANGER – Writer: Dan DiDio. Artist: Brent Anderson.

Spinning out of his recent appearances in JUSTICE LEAGUE and DC’s Free Comic Book Day story, learn more about the true origin of The Phantom Stranger and his connection to the mysterious Pandora.

TEAM SEVEN – Writer: Justin Jordan. Artist: Jesus Merino.

Set in the early days of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, threads of the entire DC Universe collide. As Superman emerges, so does the world’s counter measures against him and his kind. Team 7 is comprised of Dinah Lance, Amanda Waller, Steve Trevor, John Lynch, Alex Fairchild, Cole Cash and Slade Wilson — and their story will change everything you know about DC COMICS-THE NEW 52.

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I don’t know about you but The Phantom Stranger looks awesome, easily the most exciting of the new titles, and I imagine that the book will eventually lead into DC’s Trinity War, making me want to read it all the more.

Talon is intriguing, if anything for Scott Snyder and Guillem March, and spoils just a tad of Night of the Owls. And the line – “This former assassin just wants to live a normal life” – makes me chuckle just a bit. I’m sorry. I’m sure it will be good (Scott. Snyder.) I just never thought of a once-dead-then-frozen-and-resurrected-zombie-owl-ninja having a normal life. Poor fella.

Team Seven might as well be called Gen 13, which would make it an automatic buy for me. And Sword of Sorcery, the sole $3.99 book of the group is my selection for the first of the four to get canceled. Sounds interesting, I’ll probably check it out, but it’s my early pick.

Per the September solicitations DC will be shipping the final issue (therefore cancelling) of Captain Atom, Voodoo, and Resurrection Man. Coupled with the ending of Justice League International that’s 4 titles out to make way for DC’s third “wave.”

Not to toot my own horn, but to toot my own horn the cancellation of Captain Atom and Voodo has been evident for awhile, as I mentioned in my commentary of the April 2012 sales. I can’t speak to Voodoo since I hadn’t been reading it but I read Captain Atom and despite being one of my favorite characters it just wasn’t doing it and I dropped it after issue #7 (maybe it got better, I have every intention of getting the trades). The solicitation for Captain Atom #0 points to him becoming “one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe!” which makes me wonder if that increases his odds of showing up in another book. Guess we’ll have to see.

And if all of this wasn’t enough the cover to Catwoman #0 might just be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

Ok, not the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen but pretty darn close. I mean is giving her a jelly-spine really worth smashing as much cleavage into one image as possible?

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  1. Paul Mallory says:

    All four of these titles look good, and even though Sword of Sorcery is the title that I’m looking forward to the most, due to a long-lost character returning, I must sadly agree with your conclusion that it will be the first cancelled. It will appeal to fans of He-Man and She-Ra, undoubtedly.

  2. Paul Mallory says:

    And Selina has done lots of yoga in her day, I’m guessing. That’s the only way to get a spine like that.


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