New “Arrow” Extended Trailer Suprises Us With…Deathstroke?!

CW’s cleverly titled Green Arrow adaption, Arrow, got a new extended trailer with nearly 4 minutes of footage. Aside from still looking pretty decent there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo from a particular villain I don’t think anyone expected.

If Slade Wilson is in this sucker my interest level may have graduated from curious to excited.

It’s around the 3:20 mark that we get the quick glance…

Deathstoke In New Green Arrow TV Show

Sure looks like Deathstroke to me. For comparison’s sake:

What’s he doing with an Arrow through his head?

What was he (supposedly, sure looks like it) doing on the island Oliver is stuck on?

Will he be a reoccurring character, or a one and done (please don’t be one and done)?

Who’s gonna play him?

Not sure, because up until now there’s been no mention of Deathstroke in the show. In fact any details on him have been¬†nonexistent. Nothing on IMDB, CW, Wiki, or anywhere else official. So kudos for keeping it under wraps. And kudos for getting him in. We pointed out with the first trailer that the involvement of some particular comic book writers gave us hope for a satisfying adaption and so far it actually looks pretty good.

Even if it is the CW, this certainly ups the excitement level.

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  1. Daniel says:

    I just wanted to inform you that that’s deathstrokes head on a stick which would imply that he was the person who sabatoged Oliver Queen’s plane, but he was defeated by Green Arrow. He probably won’t be a character on the show in he’s missing a head.


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