The Walking Dead #100 Review

The Walking Dead #100 Review

The Walking Dead turns 100!  If you haven’t read the issue or don’t want to know what happens until you read the issue or waiting on a trade or waiting for some far off compendium, DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER!  This issue is going to get spoiled worse than 3 year old milk.  I mean it…  Turn back now or prepared to get spoiled.

The Walking Dead #100

A few of Negan’s men are perched near the gates of Alexandria.  They plot to gather more area groups for a dawn attack.  Meanwhile, Andrea watches over a town who appears to be bracing themselves for the worst they’ve ever had to deal with.  On the road, things aren’t going much better.  Rick planned on reaching the Hilltop by shortly after lunch, but it’s nearing sundown.  The group plans to stop to stay the night and after a relatively uneventful watch by Michonne, Rick takes over only to be roped by Negan’s men.  When the man of legend finally introduces himself, he shows off his trusted friend, Lucille – a baseball bat with barb wire wrapped around the end.  After waiting for Rick to respond to the rules he is laying down for Alexandria, he proceeds to show off what Lucille can do to Glenn’s head.  Allowing the group to watch in horror, Negan continues to bludgeon Glenn with Lucille while smiling the whole time until there’s hardly anything left to be called a head.  Before leaving, Negan proclaims they have one week before Negan’s men will come for their first offering of supplies…

This is likely a book that will stick with readers for a very long time to come.  We knew something big was coming.  We all had our bets as to who would not make it out of this issue alive.  We were all hungry to know who Negan was or what he looked like or if he actually existed.  However, after 99 issues, we weren’t sure if anything would come to pass.  It’s not completely out of the question that this centennial issue would have come and gone with something relatively big story-wise happening, but with no death whatsoever.    We all wondered if it would actually be Rick who was going to be killed or bitten or, even worse, watch Carl get killed.  What we got was indeed momentous.

“this 100th issue was well worth the build up”

Quietly, I began narrowing down those who were going to die next over the course of the last few issues.  Almost immediately, I threw out Rick and Carl.  If the television show wasn’t a smash success or didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have done this so quickly.  I’m not saying that Robert Kirkman is being influenced by the success of the show, but I think he would have felt more comfortable creating a huge shake up in this issue.  After all, there is much more for Rick to have to experience in the aftermath of this issue.  I’ll be getting to that in a moment.

Ultimately, I found Andrea, Maggie, and Glenn rising to the top of my dead pool.  After issue 99, I would have bet the farm on Glenn.  Andrea was at least safe until dawn.  Maggie, announcing she was pregnant, would have caused her death to mirror too closely to Lori’s.  So, that left Glenn.  Considering his role in this series and his likability, it would seem his death would have been tantamount only to Rick’s.  As it turned out, his brutal death to Negan was like a kick in the teeth.  The scene was gut wrenching and incredibly emotional.  He was finally going to be happy, with his wife and children,  but instead, he would become the victim whose death came without help or dignity.  It wasn’t what he deserved.

The scene did do something that I never thought would be possible.  Way, way back when the Governor was still running about, there were scenes that would haunt Walking Dead readers forever.  Rick losing his hand.  The Governor’s “pet” zombie girl.  His torture at the hands of Michonne.  Tyreese’s similarly undignified beheading.  Lori’s death while holding her and Rick’s second child.  These were all images that proved this series was at the top of its game.  No book provided more scenes of pure surprise or story driven shock value.  Since then, there had been a bit more of a lull.  Rick and company was finding safe haven in a relatively secluded area.  It wasn’t completely immune to crazy people, but it was much safer than the prison had turned out to be.  Either way, that era of this series, and in particular the aforementioned torture scene involving Michonne and the Governor, provided some of the most graphic and downright shocking scenes I’d ever seen in almost any form of media.  Glenn’s brutal death topped that. In those pages, as we watched on as helpless as Rick and Glenn were, I found myself audibly saying “Oh my god…” and needing to stop for a moment to catch my breath.  I had gotten misty eyed as one of the most likable characters in this series had met his gruesome end.  Then, as I turned the page to see the remains of his head, it felt like a million butterflies had hatched inside my stomach.  I was stunned, shell-shocked, and devastated even though I was right on who was going to be the next major character to die.  I couldn’t even sit down to write this review right away.  I had to mourn the passing of Glenn.

What’s funny is that I didn’t even have a chance to rally behind Rick’s angry promise of killing Negan immediately after the murder.  The air had left the room.  In some ways, I wasn’t sure if I could ever be excited to read another issue of Walking Dead.  It’s not out of disappointment or anger that Glenn had died…  I mean, I just said that I had started to settle on my prediction that he would be next to go.  No, it was just how powerful the moment was and how well it was written by Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

Now, with this moment behind us, the next question becomes what happens next?  It might just be possible that we’re seeing a villain in this series that will trump the Governor in every possible way.  No matter how unlikely that seems, I can’t help but think that he’s going to be a looming threat over this series for a while to come before Rick can finally get his revenge.  I’m sure we’ll have plenty more opportunity to see this sick bastard in action and to see how exactly deep his threats and insanity can go.

The jury may still be out on Negan, but considering he didn’t just make idle threats to Rick and crew, his actions already make him one of the greatest villains in comics in a very long time.


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Powerfully written. Shocking. Insanely emotional. Gruesomely illustrated in all the right ways. This book provides more than enough evidence why this 100th issue was well worth the build up. None.

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  1. Roscoe says:

    I had also predicted the death of Glenn, but I found myself sitting in the small park accross the street from my comic shop whispering “Oh my F***ing God!”

    I felt a little bit sick inside. I need to have my girlfriend read it tonight so I can have someone to talk to about it.

  2. Irving says:

    You pretty much summed it up. That had everything a comic needs to keep you reading I was left on the edge of my seat. I also had that feeling of butterflies in my stomach. DAMN! does Kirkman know how to write a book or what!

  3. Tom Parry says:

    TWD lost all true shock value after Lori and the baby died, imo… in that moment you knew that absolutely no one but Rick was safe. With this issue, I was half expecting/hoping to see Rick’s end (the only truly shocking thing that could be done, imo), instead we saw Glenn get dead. It was emotional and well written, sure, but it just didn’t strike me as one bit shocking, and in fact, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t Rick, especially after the initial attack on him. I’d still rate the issue about as you did, its just that I’m not particularly shocked that another original groupie died… hell, I’m more surprised that Andrea and Maggie are still alive as the book hits #100, lol.

  4. kris says:

    I was prepared for a massacre. I wasn’t prepared for an emotional beating like the one Kirkman provided to me though. I was queasy after reading it and it wasn’t from the gore. Whew.

  5. Murph says:

    I was left speechless….
    Well at least it wasn’t Carl. I would’ve stopped.

  6. Richard Neal says:

    Great review! You nailed exactly my thoughts about how I felt during and after reading this issue. I didn’t think I could be shocked again, at age 43, reading comic books but this was effed up; well written and well drawn. Kirkman easily deserves the accolades he receives.

  7. Richard Neal says:

    Please amend the above to read “Kirkman”. Damn iPad! Lol

  8. Carlos says:

    I almost puked reading this issue. I can’t believe Glenn is dead. Damn you, Mr. K!

  9. EedsHubby says:

    I too was shocked. But i believe Carl is going to keep this franchise going for a long time. i loved it when Negan pointed out Carl’s hardness. i was more than shocked abiut Glen. I woke up telling my wife ” i cant believe Glen died” before i said ” good morning babe!” kirkman got me in trouble lol just kidding…but man! Glen?? damn

  10. Roscoe says:

    While I had predicted that either Glenn or Michonne would die in this issue, it was a bit of a tease when Negan originally dismisses both of them as the one he’s going to kill.

    When he decided to pick at random, I knew it was going to be Glenn and it still broke my heart. Here’s hoping that Maggie will stay alive long enough to carry his bloodline.

    I’m going to miss you buddy! R.I.P.

  11. Roscoe says:

    Do you think they’ll bury Glenn on the road or bring his mangled body to the hilltop?

  12. Drew says:

    I really thought it was kind of lazy. Really 50 guys trail them and sneak up on Rick? The set up seemed forced just to get us to the horrible scene of Glenn being beaten to death. All after Glenn was finally happy and looking forward to the future. I love the series and the storyline with the governor truly had some haunting haunting scenes but this was just lazy writing that doesn’t live up to his earlier work.

  13. mike says:

    I read 100 this afternoon, and Glenn’s end truly made me weak in the knees. Just…an awful scene. I think I was mentally prepared for it, but I didn’t expect this book to get me in that way it shocked me way back. We have so much history with Glenn going way back to that first meeting with Rick in Atlanta, that seeing his death in such crazy graphic detail was just brutal.
    Great review! You expressed a lot of what I’ve been thinking about since reading it.

  14. Glenn says:

    The comic is getting really popular with the tv show and all that. I’ve been reading since the first issue. One of the main reasons I liked the story was because of glen. I honestly think that the story was getting so big they needed to get rid of the Asian guy. I mean he died like a bitch. They could have done better than that.

  15. Predator says:

    - I blame Rick for Glenn’s death. I blame him for Abraham’s death. The Saviors wouldn’t have targeted them if it wasn’t because of Rick’s lack of judgement of the situation. He should have analysed the strength & numbers of the Saviors’ group before acting so cocky and arrogant, killing their people. Biggest mistake was in keeping one of them alive to send the message. What message? You hardly know who you’re dealing with, you don’t have much ammo left, and struggling to eat. Now everybody’s at risk. All hell breaks loose when Rick’s in the loose.

  16. John says:

    That is so totally true. Rick knew nothing about the scale of the threat and acted so carelessly and arrogant (Rick’s character seems to drift a lot, in some issues it’s about how he’ll do everything to keep people out of danger and safe and in others he’s not planning for the well being of the others and killing people without regard for risk). What a fool. He might as well have killed Glen himself. It was predictable that this would happen and the set-up was entirely devised for a torture killing; maybe not lazy but certainly less innovative than some previous shockers. I like the issue and the comic. I don’t think we’ll see a twin brother standing over his lacerated counterpart with a knife saying “it’s ok, he’ll come back” or some such again but it’s still a great read. It hurt to watch Glen get killed and I was very disappointed at the end. It just made everything seem hopeless. There has to be that thread of hope, otherwise you can just read Fangoria.

    • Ed says:

      I totally agree with you there John. I was just going through it in my head again this morning. By killing Glenn, Kirkman has killed the idea of hope in the new world. Who else can carry that torch? Not Rick. He’s already damaged goods that has crossed the line a few to many times. Not Carl. That boy is well on the way to becoming a hardened sociopathic warlord himself one day just due to the life he’s living.
      Glenn was the one “normal guy” left. He was the heart of the group. What’s left now?

  17. Jon says:

    I felt terrible after seeing Genn”s death. He was truly the only one left we could relate to. I’m not sure if I will continue reading.

  18. Waka says:

    Well atleast Glenn from the TV show is not going to die this brutal way. Glen’s death was just a cheap plot device to keep the readers engaged, i felt his imminent death the moment they all stepped into the van. Which was again stupid, RICK after all his experience decides to go on a road trip…. after an attack….with two kids nonetheless….and gets ambushed in the silent night by 50 men….
    Im not fazed by Glen’s death, in a horrible world nice guys dont last long, but more of thought should of been put on his martyrdom.

  19. Finally caught up and read the issue – I can barely breath. You put it perfectly Geoff, this is the second time that I feel like I might be done with The Walking Dead, but it’s not. I’m too invested in Rick, Carl, and Andrea. The world that Kirkman has built is just brutal, so brutal that it makes me sick to my stomach sometimes. In a good way because Kirkman is the kinda writer to get an emotional response out of me, in a bad way because I too got misty eyed over Glenn and feel so horrible for everyone that had to watch that.

    I hope Rick is able to keep his promise to Negan.

  20. John san says:

    I’m probably alone on this since everyone seems to applaud Mr. Kirkman for having the balls to kill off another major character, but I’m really mad at the way Glenn died. It was just pointless, undignified, and unnecessary. In fact, I’m officially done with the Walking Dead comics as of today.

    Some people would argue with me – What is so special about Glenn’s death anyway? Is it really so much worse than all of the tragedy that happened in the Governor’s story arc?

    Well to answer that question, yes, it was for me. I took it personally when Glenn died because I realize now that he was the character I related to the most in the series. He was a nice guy, a married man, a positive thinker, and specialized in sneaking rather than fighting, just like me. Basically, if I was in the zombie apocalypse, I would be Glenn. Therefore, what I’ve learned from this issue is that Mr. Kirkman thinks that people like me would not have a chance of surviving in the zombie apocalypse. We’re too nice.

    Well f*** you Mr. Kirkman! If the morals learned from TWD are that only asshole people who kill and torture others would be able to survive in that universe, then I strongly disagree. ‘Good’ does not equal ‘Weak.’

    If we look at similar examples of disasters in history, the closest of which is the Black Plague that wiped out most of the Europeans centuries ago. What happened after the survivors started to emerge was that they helped each other build society again from the ground up. People came together to comfort each other, grow crops, and fix their civilization, despite having little to no food, water, or other supplies! They didn’t just kill and torture each other for material possessions like Mr. Kirkman wants us to believe.

    I refuse to believe that all humans would become that evil towards each other in a similar disaster such as the zombie apocalypse (surely there would be some monsters, but not to the degree that is described in TWD). I want to believe in the good of others, as well as humanity’s ability to overcome all obstacles. Like Glenn, I’m a positive person who always believes in the future. Therefore, Mr. Kirkman and I have come to an unsolvable disagreement, so I will not be buying any more of his comics, I’m no longer a fan.

    Frankly, I don’t care what happens to Rick or the remaining characters anymore. They’re all a bunch of selfish, psychologically damaged individuals who would be better off just putting bullets in their skulls. I’ve said my peace.

    • Matt says:

      Agreed a thousand times over, though my reasons differ I will definitely not be giving this fuckwot any more of my money, a lazy pathetic pointless plot device that has IMO destroyed the comic entirely.
      I feel sick to my stomach


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