Another Win Courtesy Of Annuals, Events, Prequels & Reboots [August Comic Book Sales]

August 2012 Comic Book Sales Figures

The August 2012 comic book sales figures shed more light on the success of DC’s New 52 and what is becoming one of the best years for comic book sales in quite some time.

12 months/issues in and the success of DC’s New 52, at least from a sales perspective, is a non-issue, it was a hit. Brian Hibbs from CBR’s “Tilting at Windmills” column has an excellent piece HERE detailing it more but says towards the end…

despite those concerns, from where I look, the reboot was a remarkable success

Outside of The New 52 this month included Avengers Vs X-Men, some DC annuals, and the launch of two other Before Watchmen series, making it one of the most successful months of the year – which wouldn’t be as noteworthy (given that summer months are typically the highest for comic sales) if last year’s 11% year-over-year increase, which ICv2 points out was a bit inflated, wasn’t half the rise we saw this August. From August 2011 to August 2011 estimated sales increased by 21%. Pretty cool.

And while it’s easy to look at the top of the list and credit the obvious it seems that the industry as a whole is a lot healthier; Image’s top 5 titles increased year-over-year by an average of 44%, 3 of IDW’s top 5 increased by an average of 13%, 3 of Dark Horse’s top 5 by 9%, in other words the pie is bigger and as a result everyone is getting a bigger slice.

And it’s not even over, DC’s “0” month will show up next month and Marvel’s [soft relaunch] Marvel NOW! starts in October. Good times.

More notes…

  • Hindsight being 20-20 I wonder if DC would have paced out Before Watchmen a little differently; the June numbers offered excitement as all four #1’s launched ahead of the 100,000 mark, but since then the launches in July failed to reach that height and this month they launched even lower. Granted, the numbers they’re getting aren’t bad at all and you can’t argue with top 10 launches for every title, I just wonder if some money was left on the table. Or, that perhaps the novelty of the idea began to lose steam a little.
  • While The Walking Dead #100 was certainly a success I couldn’t help but notice the drop off between #99 and #101, going from 55 thousand to 51 thousand, as you’d expect there to be more return readers after such a big issue. Maybe people were turned off by the…well…I don’t want to give it away. We did review it though (pardon the plug).
  • While finishing at #42 with nearly 42 thousand for Hawkeye #1 might seem a little disappointing at first, as it did for me, it’s worth noting that the Marvel characters who did better were the likes of Avengers, Spider-Man, and X-Men. And with the amount of tie-ins to AvX this actually makes him one of the more popular characters in the Marvel U right now, pretty good.
  • Looking at some of the mainstay Marvel character books you can begin to justify the Marvel NOW! initiative; Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, and even Aquaman have their own titles sitting pretty high while the Fantastic Four, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man books all sit significantly lower. Enjoy it while it lasts DC.

Top 100 Comic Sales In August 2012

More from ICv2; the estimated sales for the top 300 comics during August 2012 HERE.

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  1. jamie insalaco says:

    Hi John,

    I have to wonder if the Marvel market is suffering from a little Captain America fatigue. Cap is everywhere right now – the Avengers books, the A vs X books, two captain america titles and he’s now showing up in Winter Soldier. that’s a lot of cap! (we really don’t need two Cap books… “Cap” is plenty – we don’t need “Cap and …”)

    i’m sure it’s good to have multiple products to sell, but i also think a character can be overexposed, and I bet that’s effecting Cap’s solo numbers a bit… not to mention that “Cap and …” is kinda crappy


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