The Trailers For The Dark Knight Returns, Return [Trailer Breakdown]


Shortly after the release of Part 1 we get the first Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 trailer. It looks like the adaptation picks up right where Part 1 left off, meaning were in for a whole lot of Joker and Superman. With as much as I enjoyed Part 1 I can’t imagine Part 2 being any different.

0:10 – Digging the music (not a surprise given it’s excellent use in Part 1)

0:12 – Batman on a horse will always be awesome.

0:16 – Big and bulky Frank Miller-Superman. Love it.

0:24 – The Ronald Regan President, another example to the attention of detail.

0:33 – “May the best man win.” Awesome.

0:45 – Michael Emerson Ben Linus as the Joker, kinda like it.

1:00 – The Superman vs Batman fight is going to be epic.

1:17 – They get pretty close to spoiling the ending there (the music especially sounds like a heartbeat)

1:21 – Ok, no spoiler. Guess with a remake of something so classic though it’s less of a big deal. I’d imagine most people watching the trailer have read the book.

Well, it’s pretty obvious, I can’t wait for this. No word yet on the release date but my guess would be late spring/early summer of 2013.

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