So Apparently Things Get A Bit Darker In Iron Man 3 [Trailer Breakdown]

The first Iron Man 3 trailer is out and if you were expecting a witty and cocky Tony Stark to some Black Sabbath than your in for a surprised.

0:05 – Passing out from all the fighting in New York during The Avengers?

0:06 – Oh wait, different suit and they all had shawarmas at the end, I’m an idiot.

0:11 – Lights blinking on and off, face all beat up, Tony does not look good.

0:18 – Tony Stark turning down the press?

0:23 – Sweet new glove thingy!

0:25 – Pieces to the Iron Man suit everywhere in his room?

0:26 – “I can’t sleep.” (And there isn’t a lady in the bed next to him)? This is not the Tony we know.

0:27 – Don Cheadle. Rhodey Rhodes. War Machine. Awesome.

0:29 – New York memorial? Creep shadows?

0:31 – “Honestly, there’s a hundred people who want to kill me.” 30 seconds into the trailer and I’m starting to think this will be my favorite Iron Man movie yet. Having no secret identity is one of the elements that separates Iron Man from other superheros and to see Tony wrestle with the consequences of earlier decisions is really intriguing.

0:33 – Mr. Pearce, looking sharp.

0:39 – Whoa! Iron Man suite attacking Pepper Pots and Tony is laying right there! Somehow very creepy.

0:45 – Months of looking at that first Iron Man 3 image of all the different suits just to blow them up.

0:46 – Hello Mandarin!

0:48 – Iron Patriot War Machine in red white and blue, love it.

0:51 – Does the Mandarin kill Jon Favreau?

0:55 – Iron Man (suit at least) attacking plane, people falling out, and they don’t seem to have parachutes. Ouch.

0:56 – “Some people call me a terrorist.” I haven’t read any spoiler plots but a guess, the Mandarin takes control of a suit and reaks havoc. Would love that.

0:57 – I feel like the suit just saved Potts, someone I have the impression Tony isn’t in the suit.

0:58 – Think I was right, either she’s in the restroom or in a lot of pain.

0:58 – That’s quite the gash, right down the middle.

0:59 – The rings!

1:00 – Again, a little creepy to see an Iron Man suit attacking Tony.

1:01 – Dude, War Machine is messing someone up.

1:03 – The Mandarin has a hand gun. Cool.

1:09 – Ben Kingsley looks pretty good!

1:12 – Our main characters flying through the air, maybe injured, and I can’t help but laugh at the big stuffed bunny in the corner.

1:16 – Dang. That really nice house fell hard.

1:35 – Iron Man pulled under and buried under water, MAN I can’t wait to see this movie.

1:47 – Marvel certainly loves their after-the-credits-scenes.

1:50 – And they always hit a home run with them, Tony stranded in the snow pulling his own suits is icing on the cake. Bookmarks the first shot of the trailer.

Not one funny line in the whole thing, no billionaire Tony Stark with hot women and fast cars, no smarting off or anything. Maybe Tony isn’t lying when he said that “Nothings been the same since New York.” This seems to a be a completely different Iron Man movie from the first two, he hits rock bottom, literally. His wit and cocky attitude is part of what makes him great but they seem to have been taken away from him, along with everything else.

Cannot wait.

IMDb is saying May 19, the trailer says April, the Apple trailer says May – whenever it comes out, I’ll be there.



  1. Grizzleybruin says:

    Not Dark . . .usual MARVEL kind of Dark i.e. the 2 seconds in Avengers where it felt like the Chitauri were actually going to win (Ha!) until the heroes made their triumphant comeback.

    I’m guessing, when this is done, the “Iron Man: Extremis” Motion Comic will be more beloved than this interpretation.


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