5 Reasons To Love On Avengers Vs. X-Men

5 Reasons To Love On Avengers Vs X-men

Now that Avengers vs X-Men is over it’s time to take a look back and cast our gaze on what didn’t work about Marvel’s 12-part series that lead into Marvel NOW! (And if you loved it don’t worry, we have a 5 Reasons To Love On Avengers Vs. X-Men coming up next).

Fantasy Fights Galore

The best thing that this event created was a bunch of fantasy match ups between the heroes on the Avengers and the X-Men. Comic book aficionados, AKA the fans, got to see some of their favorite heroes go toe to toe with each other and fight. Battles that never would normally occur were set up and competently executed. It was like reading 20 or 30 What If issues all in one “event”. So many OMG and geek out moments had fans arguing all over the internet and comic book stores about the results. [By Victor Kutsenok]

“Event” Relevance Was Restored

In the past decade or so, we have been bombarded with pointless event after event that had some titanic change and promised a complete shake up to the entire Marvel Universe for years to come. Usually, that titanic change is undone within minutes. (I’m looking at you Civil War and Fear Itself) This is the first “event” since House of M that will leave a long lasting effect that will resonate for many years. Mutants are back and the ability to invent is ripe once again. It’s the first opportunity for Marvel in a while to possible create new characters and fan favorites. It might even restore some relevancy in the whole “event” formula, something that has been sorely lacking. [By Victor Kutsenok]

It Got The Fans Talkin

Usually, an event comes and goes. You can almost predict from the first second what will happen and who will win. And the fans don’t care at all until the final issue. This time around was completely different. From the first issue to the last, the fans voiced their opinion. The reactions were very mixed. Who would win which fight? Who was right in their argument and who was wrong? (Cyclops was right, by the way!!) How will it end? Who will be the sacrificial lamb and fall to the “event” gods? Will Jean Grey finally be reborn? (She made a cameo, but sadly, no!!) How awesome is Spider Man to stand up to TWO phoenix charges X-Men and win? (RESPECT!!) All questions that brought out the passion of the fan. Something severely lacking in many events of the past. If more books are written that can get the fans to care and talk, maybe others who overhear their conversation and get curious will pick up the books and see what the hype is all about. Create new fans. Something else our industry is severely lacking. [By Victor Kutsenok]

A War Of Words & Ideals

Throughout the course of the event, fans and characters alike were forced to think about who was right and who was wrong. The story itself almost played out on a political and cultural way too. It’s not so much a right wing/left wing sort of thinking, but more along the lines of what’s right and whether or not if the side fighting for peace and perfection was willing to sacrifice their very souls for what they believed in while the side fighting against that was right was forced to wonder if the status quo was truly better than all that was being offered on a silver platter. It ultimately caused trenches to be built and created a quagmire of forcing people to defend whether or not they were pro-Avenger or pro-X-Men. For the characters, namely Captain America, he was left at the end of the book to think whether the treatment of the mutant population needed to be revamped. In the aftermath, an Avengers centric world had to shift to allow other heroes (namely mutants) to be viewed as true heroes even if they fought this war on the other side and now there were brand new mutants now present all over the world, there had to be a way to prevent worldwide scare and lynching of these scared people who suddenly looked different or had extraordinary powers. It did more than just made the fans talk – it created controversy and debate. Neither side could convince the other they were in the right, and neither side could appropriately defend it. It was a true war of words and ideals. This wasn’t as cut and dry as the world fighting against the evil of Nazis. It wasn’t as clear cut as a war against genocidal warlords in the heart of Africa. These were all good guys trying to impose their ideals over another with disastrous results. It made for a story that was gripping while constantly forcing you to privately question if your beliefs were right. [By Geoff Arbuckle]


A Needed Status Quo Change In The Entire Publishing Line

Since Brian Michael Bendis took over The Avengers with issue #500, the Avengers has quickly climbed to become the flagship of the Marvel Universe. When The New Avengers came along, the grittier tales Bendis told continued to sell well and it seemed as though everything was becoming an Avengers-centric Marvel. House of M continued that trend when Scarlet Witch wiped out nearly all the mutants on Earth. Marvel went from publishing a massive amount of X-Men related books to having trouble continuing to sell the titles. Immediately following Civil War, the pendulum swung back in the other direction and soon there were more and more Avengers titles. As the franchise was preparing to become gigantic movie stars, the trend continued. They became more and more involved in just about everything Marvel did and almost made them smug policemen of the entire Marvel Universe. Even as an Avengers fan, I wasn’t quite so sure how much I liked this movement, but they were selling well and that is sometimes all that counts. However, it wasn’t just the Avengers that found themselves under the constant artistic control of the same writer. Several other books had been written for years by the same writer with little to no break. The end of Avengers Vs. X-Men proved to show there was a new Marvel Universe and it was the best time to shake things up. I’m sure there was influence by DC’s massively successful New 52, but this wasn’t going to be a fresh start. It was going to be a chance to shake up the creative teams of nearly every book. While not all creative teams had grown stagnant, it’s been very exciting to see that new teams and new directions were going to be taken in the Marvel NOW! initiative. Maybe not all of them are going to be as exciting, or good, as others, but it shows that Marvel is willing to try some new things in the wake of an event as massive as AvX and, after all, isn’t that all we really want to see as fans? [By Geoff Arbuckle]

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