FF #1 Review

FF #1 Review

The Fantastic Four pick their replacements and the Future Foundation tell us their feelings.

FF #1

Matt Fraction and Michael Allred are a match made in heaven. Fraction’s witty and surprisingly emotive script merges with Allred’s pop art style perfectly and makes FF a success that delivers in every way.

Fear not if you have never read FF before as Fraction brings you up to speed in the most entertaining of ways. The book is mainly focused on the Fantastic Four finding their replacements as they set off on a mission that will see them disappear for four minutes. However the issue’s main narrative is punctuated by the children of the Future Foundation telling Scott Lang what the organisation means to them. These interview moments are hilarious and allow Fraction to easily establish the Future Foundation and these characters. It is a succinct and engaging way of delivering all you need to know about the Future Foundation without descending into lengthy exposition.

Fraction also succeeds in presenting his replacements as the perfect candidates for the job. Only the yet to become Miss-Thing isn’t given much to do here. The lack of attention she gets is noticeable, but the rest of the cast are handled so well it is only a minor blip. Fraction pairs up members of the Fantastic Four with their respective replacements and manages to get some great dynamics from their encounters. Mr Fantastic and Ant-Man are easily the most interesting pairing and their interactions have some emotional weight to them that really works. The Invisible Woman and Medusa have great chemistry as do She-Hulk and The Thing. Each pairing gives the reader the reasons why these characters where picked to replace the Fantastic Four and it is a testament to Fraction’s script that it all seems to happen organically.

However the star of the book is Michael Allred. His style is such a breath of fresh air and he has delivered the most visually engaging book Marvel have on the shelves right now. His stunning layouts and excellent character work produce a treat for the eyes that is deceptively simple. Laura Allred’s vibrant colours allow the artwork to jump out at you. This is a book that has such a unique look and allows the FF to have a distinct tone, which suits Fraction’s script.

Allred’s art goes hand in hand with Fraction’s script to deliver an issue one that is exquisite. Fraction’s grasp on character is fantastic and the way he gets the reader up to speed is engaging. Allred has constructed a book that is a master-class in visual storytelling. From what one can see here the future of the Future Foundation is in good hands.


Pros Cons
Gorgeous art and a fantastic script. Miss-Thing is sidelined a little.


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