Monday Morning One-Liners [11/26/12]

…on Tuesday. The holiday put us a day behind but were starting a new thing – every Monday morning we’re gonna post links to interesting articles, news, reviews, pictures or whatever that we found around the comic-blogosphere from the last week. Hope you enjoy!

Did you know Belgium used to produce the number one comic book seller?  Crazy, but true.

150 items to choose from in The Comics Reporter’s holiday shopping guide for 2012, awesome stuff.

Bleeding Cool Magazine’s “The Top 100 Power List of Comic Books” gives it’s top spot to DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee.

And DC Women Kicking Ass took a look at which women made the list.

Wizard World Comic Convention is running in New Orleans from Nov 30 to Dec 2, so if you’re in the neighborhood, let us know how it was via Twitter.

Image Comics is putting out The Art of Todd McFarlane, a 400 page book that features his hallmark moments as well as never before seen sketches.

You can now buy Dark Horse comics on the Kindle.

Actress Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill in The Avengers) and Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury in various Marvel movies) have both signed on to appear in Captain America:  Winter Soldier.

Also, the working title for The Winter Soldier will be Freezerburn for some reason.  Sounds like a horror movie:  “When you’re frozen, no one can hear you scream!”

Citing that 2011’s Batman #1 relaunch sold 218,000 copies and then dropped to 133,800 by issue #4, the Toledo Free Press ponders the future of retail comic book stores and the industry in general.

And, as if you needed proof, DC Comics same day digital now goes on sale at 12:01AM on Wednesdays, just to make your local comic book shop keeper sweat a little bit more.

Superman is back in court:  the Siegel/Shuster team is back and fighting with Time Warner Inc. concerning the rights to The Man of Steel…I assume this court battle has at least something to do with the profits of the film of the same name opening June 14, 2013.

Stuff we meant to let you know about last week:

This February, DC Comics will bring us a Young Romance:  A New 52 Valentine’s Day Special, which they need to start telling us about now, before Thanksgiving.

San Diego resident Devin Hughes is writing a comic book that is aimed at helping kids deal with bulling as the characters focus on “positive self-affirmations,” which brings to mind former Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smally.

Reality start Honey Boo Boo is getting a comic book – ’nuff said.

The Showtime drama Dexter is also getting a comic book, which seems slightly more exciting that Honey Boo Boo.

The French are putting comic book characters I’ve never heard of on coins.

[Spoilers?]  Apparently, there is going to be a second Green Lantern movie, and if I see that in the theater, it’ll prove that I too have the ability to overcome fear.

Spider-Man helps people learn English, so I assume there are a lot of wise cracking immigrants throughout English speaking countries.

Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men continues to make us all look like freaks as CBM stars Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic will run a 5k either dressed as zombies or being chased by people dressed as zombies… or something.

Check back next week (on Monday this time) for more links we find around the web.


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