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The Walking Dead When the Dead Come Knocking Review

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The two camps learn about each other and little Judith finally gets her name…it’s Judith. Read on for our Spoiler-filled review of The Walking Dead, Episode “When the Dead Come Knocking.”

Season 3, Episode 7: When the Dead Come Knocking

It’s impressive how much this show can make happen in 47 minutes without having a rushed feeling. Once Michonne arrived at the prison in the previous episode it was pretty obvious that the two camps (the prison and Woodbury) would be meeting, and quickly. Which technically happens here, but it’s not without it’s well timed character growth and epic drama.

Course, I’m not sure you’d label the true Governor finally leaking out as “character growth” but were certainly learning more about him, an element I’m sure everyone suspected was there from the very beginning. The scene with him and Maggie is especially creepy. Fans of the comic will recall a similar situation involving the Governor and his torture methods, which nearly convinced me for a moment that Maggie was going to suffer a much worse fate than she actually did. And although I wish this portrayal of the Governor was a little more like his comic-version I was relieved that she escaped the outcome I feared.

Also, did anyone else pick up on the Governor’s line, “Take off your shirt, or I’ll bring Glenn’s hand in here.” Now, I don’t believe Rick ever loses his hand in the show (the show is very intentional about being it’s own story, not a straight adaptation and even Kirkman himself has told said he’s “adamant” about Rick not losing his hand), so whether it was some foreshadowing or not it was a nice nod and made me yelp just a bit.

Yes, yelp. I really get into this show.

Speaking of foreshadowing, aside from the obvious Rick vs. Governor scene we can expect before the season is over we’ve got to be building towards a Daryl and Merle showdown where I suspect Daryl is going to have to choose between his brother Merle or a member of Rick’s crew. It’s the little scenes like the one here between him and Rick, emphasizing Daryl’s growing affection for everyone, that have me convinced. Maybe it doesn’t happen and this is just an example of how close everyone is getting, which I’m more than fine with, but come on…it’s gonna happen. And when it does, when Daryl shoots an arrow through Merle’s head, listen closely and you can hear someone screaming “Hell yeah!” way in the distance, it’s me.

I think the real character growth here is less with one person and more for everyone in Rick’s group. Michonne is pretty impressed, almost in disbelief, that these people could clear out the prison by themselves. And so is the Governor later on. The guard in Woodbury talks about how tough Glenn is, we see Maggie tell the Governor “you do whatever you’re gonna do, and go to hell” Andrea has to pull the trigger when the zombie experiment with Milton goes bad (as she said it would) and the quick demise and use of the crazy-cabin-guy are all examples of how far these characters have come from season one and the quick decision making they’re comfortable making now. This makes for some interesting juxtaposition; while living behind the nice walls of Woodbury seems like the safest choice it doesn’t keep you prepared for the real world, this I think will come into greater play when (and if) the two camps should collide. Rick’s group is growing thicker and thicker skin, and I think it will keep them together for a long time (and its also why Michonne fits right in).

And man do I feel for Glenn. I told my wife halfway through the episode that there is no way I would ever give up where my people, but if I were in his shoes, and they walked my wife in there like they did Maggie I think I’d give it up too. Course, Glenn didn’t give anything up, Maggie did but I think we saw a breaking point between the two. And it was probably inevitable if Rick was really going to make the prison work that the two would run into each other at some point.

What an emotional season.

I think the only thing that bothered me, which is admittingly a bit nit-picky, is that Rick would leave his young son and new born child without anyone really capable of doing some major damage should things get crazy back at the prison. Axel, the former prisoner, is about it. Just seemed like an odd choice.

Like all good episodes this one leaves us begging for more. Where does Merle’s loyalties lie? Where are Andrea’s going to lie when she learns about what’s going on. How are Rick and the people with him going to break into Woodbury (I half expected Rick to walk up to the gate, hands up, saying he wanted to talk to the Governor)? Glenn and Merele exchanged a look at the very end, will Glenn get his vengeance? Are we going to see the Governor reveal how evil he really is? Is the Governor going to ever reach the prison?

Like last season, this one is split up and after next week’s episode we’ll have to wait until February again, meaning that this next one is sure to be a doozy.

Cannot freaking wait.

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Lots of tension, some good zombie violence, and it’s always interesting to see other people’s perspective on just how tough our main characters have gotten. The prison and the people in are pretty much left undefended, hope that doesn’t come back to bite them.



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