10 Image Comics Books For $10

10 Image Comic Books For 10

Image Comics sells a good chunk of their first volumes of a series for $10, which makes deciding whether or not to commit a cheaper risk, and it’s nice considering the competition from the guys at DC and Marvel. And with the holidays here chances are you might need a last minute gift or have some spending money as the result of a gift, so there’s no better time than now for us to highlight 10 Image comic books you can buy, at retail price, for a cold $10.

Chew Volume 1 Tasters Choice

Chew, Volume 1: Tasters Choice

“Tony Chu is a Cibopathic.” Which basically means he gets physic readings from anything he eats. He’s also a police detective and after an outbreak that killed 23 million Americans, chicken and other bird meats are made illegal. This is the world writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory have created; it’s unique (food is a central theme), it’s artistic, it’s funny, you’ll never know what’s next, and it has a single story/mystery that it moves towards with every issue. The series won an Eisner and two Harvey Awards in 2010, made our Favorites last year, and Showtime has picked it up for a TV series.

Fear Agent Volume 1 Re-Ignition

Fear Agent, Volume 1: Re-Ignition

Before Rick Remender became a house hold name at Marvel he wrote a story about the last Fear Agent, Heath Huston. A redneck from Texas who studies Mark Twain and is an alcoholic. Remender was quoted as saying that “science fiction has lost its stones” and his action adventures with Heath were an attempt to fight that trend. A lot of comic fans consider this one of the favorite series, and for good reason.

Glory Volume 1 The Once and Future Destroyer

Glory, Volume 1: The Once and Future Destroyer

Glory was rebooted in 2011 by writer Joe Keatinge and artist Ross Campbel to be an alien warrior princess from the 1940s who’s gone forgotten until a young reporter attempts to find the legend again. Not even in comics do you get many stories about female superheros who rip aliens apart and fill a page with more blood than a Wolverine comic, but this is Glory. It’s violent, bold, and in your face. Which is just a few reasons why a lot of people love it.

Haunt Volume 1

Haunt, Volume 1

Created by Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane (ever heard of those guys) Haunt is a superhero, kinda. Catholic priest Daniel Kilgore, turns into Haunt when merged with the ghost of his murdered secret agent brother, Kurt. It’s an interesting twist that provides en even more interesting read. If you liked Spawn (and even if you didn’t) or if you always wished your Spider-Man comics were ten times more gorey and full of violence then this is right up your alley. And if Robert Kirkman and Todd McDarlane weren’t name enough Greg Capullo and Ryan Ottley also worked on the book. Yeah.

Morning Glories Volume 1 For a Better Future

Morning Glories, Volume :1 For a Better Future

Don’t let the breakfast club cover fool you, Morning Glories does not play around. Six genius-yet-troubled high school graduates are new recruits to the prestigious prep school Morning Glory Academy that is hiding “sinister and deadly” secrets, as writer Nick Spencer put it. Including murder, torture, and the super phenomenon. It’s peeling away of a larger mystery each issue has been justifiably compared to Lost and it’s not like anything else you’ll find on the shelf.

This is also the only comic book I’ve really got my wife interested in, which is saying a lot, she devours each volume and can’t wait for the next one. And not because it’s “girly” (it’s not, I enjoy it as well) but because it’s just that good.

Proof Volume 1 Goatsucker

Proof, Volume 1: Goatsucker

John “Proof” Prufrock iu a sasquatch, working for secret government organization called The Loft. While seeking out clues to this past Proof is also out to investigate or hunt down the myths and mysteries of the supernatural world. Think Hellboy meets X-Files, but with bigfoot. It was a shorter-lived series, only 28 issues, but is considered an indie gem and for $10 is more than worth checking out.

Prophet Volume 1 Remission

Prophet, Volume 1: Remission

A hard scf-fi adventure that follows John Prophet, a pilot who’s been transported ten thousand years into the future. In the journey to get his orders he encounters amazing creatures, weird alien races, and begins to uncover an even bigger mystery. Writer Brandon Graham set out to “out Conan” the current Conan and he may have done just that. And the editors at Amazon must have like it too as they rated it 1 of the 10 best graphic novels of 2012.

Saga Volume 1

Saga, Volume 1

The Romeo and Juliet-esq story of Alana and Marko, narrated by their child, set in an epic space setting worth of the Star Wars comparisons has captured the attention of just about every comic fan this year. Without a doubt it will win it’s share of awards, make lots of “best of” lists, and has enough momentum in just it’s first volume to be around for a long time. And to no surprise really; writer Brian K. Vaughan has had success elsewhere with Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, and that one show Lost, while artist Fiona Staples’s unique designs and graphics are making her career. Now is your chance to be at the start of something special.

The Manhattan Projects Volume 1 Science Bad

The Manhattan Projects, Volume 1: Science Bad

What if the real WWII research program, the Manhattan Project, which produced the first atomic bomb in 1945 was actually a front for other more fantastical science ideas? What if nuclear weapons were the least scary thing they created? And what if real characters like Albert Einstein, Wernher von Braun, and Adolf Hitler were involved? These are the kind of rabbits that writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Nick Pitarra are pulling out of their hat with this sci-fi action drama. I don’t know how Hickman has the space in his head for all these ideas, especially while writing other books, but somehow he seems to never run out. In my humble opinion this was one of the best, and most underrated, books of 2012.

The Walking Dead Volume 1 Days Gone Bye

The Walking Dead, Volume 1: Days Gone Bye

Believe it or not there are still people who haven’t read The Walking Dead. “But it’s in black and white.” Doesn’t matter, read this. “But I’m not really a “zombie” person.” Doesn’t matter, read this. “But I’ll just watch the TV show.” *facepalm* Doesn’t matter, read this. The story of Rick Grimes and his desperate attempts for survival with his family and friends have griped the nation because it’s a good, solid, and even emotional story. Hop on the wagon, it’s ok, and enjoy the ride.


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