Monday Morning One-Liners [12/10/12]

The DC offices make an interesting decision, The Regular Show gets a comic, Free Comic Book Day is around the corner and more in this week’s Monday Morning One-Liners.

Unfortunately Gail Simone is off of Batgirl, gotta imagine she’ll take some readers with her.

Why The Watcher should be an NFL Replay Official and other new jobs for superheroes.

Looking back on Karen Berger’s exit CBR ranks it’s 10 best Vertigo titles of all time.

The Regular Show might get an ongoing comic, “Oooooooooh!”

The much-wiser-than-I Brian Hibbs comments on the current state of corporate comics. Iiiinteresting.

Tyreese from The Walking Dead gets a new short story for this years Free Comic Book Day.

5 ways that Superman is actually realistic, according to science, and

Marvel Comics is releasing a 688-page omnibus that will compile all of the Marvel NOW! #1 issues.

Steve Ditko has written a number of essays about ol’ Web Head, but they are not all being published in the same place, so be on the lookout.

This very sad story from Chicago should reminds us not to take our collectibles too seriously.

Starting with Birds of Prey #18 the series will get a new writer, Jim Zubkavich.

Superman gives into peer pressure and has a celebratory drink in Action Comics #15, but it doesn’t go all Superman 3 on us – and, one would assume that like Captain American, Superman can’t get drunk.

DC Comics has announced a line of Injustice collectible figures – they’ll come in packs of two for $29.95.

The digital comics app Comixology is doing a special promotion to the tune of 12 free comics until December 18.

The Fantastic Four movie franchise is supposed to be rebooted in 2015, we’ll see though.

Batman art in Norman Rockwell style, worth checking out.

A look into an essay by Alan Moore on his “Occupy Comics” movement.

So Batman #18 will feature art by Andy Kubert and wait for it…Alex freaking Maleev.

Check back next week for more links we find around the web.


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