Superman Might Actually Throw Some Punches This Time [Trailer Breakdown]

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the new, and full, Man of Steel trailer. Zach Snyder is behind the camera, Henry Cavill (Superman), Amy Adams (Louis), and Michael Shannon (General Zod) are in front of it and man…it looks pretty darn exciting.

0:15 - You don’t need to hear much to recognize Hans Zimmer at the musical controls. This is our first taste of his score for Man of Steel and while it might sounds a-freaking-lot like Gladiator it’s just proof that this film is chock-full of talent. You might have also enjoyed his work in all 3 recent Batman films.

0:20 - Two separate shots of Sups floating in water? One young and one old?

0:26 - “Focus on my voice, pretend it’s an island, out in the ocean, can you see it?” Foreshadowing the Fortress of Solitude? Or me reading too much into it. Probably the later.

0:48 - Young Clark saves kids from a sinking bus. Sounds about right.

0:58 - “What was I supposed to do? Let them die?” (Sups) “Maybe.” (Pa Kent, a.k.a. Kevin Costner). …dang.

1:06 - Where could this be at? Kryptonian ship?

1:17 - Superman, full get up, walking around in arctic weather. Gotta have something to do with his Fortress right?

1:33 - Woah. The ground start shaking, music changes.

1:41 - Flying into the sky, into space, breaking the sound barrier. Getting goosebumps.

1:49 - Gotta be Krypton blowing up and goodbye from Jor-El and Lara.

1:51 - Kryptoian ship at Kent farm. Probably Superman’s, could be Zod’s.

1:52 - And there is Zod. Reinforcing the idea that the ships at Kent farm is probably his.

1:54 - Buildings going down, explosions everywhere – already more action packed than the last Superman movie.

2:01 - General Zod and Superman clashing. Has to be. Can. Not. Wait.

2:03 - Young Pa Kent and Clark running from something in the clouds or big storm? Mmmmmm.

2:09 - Ok, who could throw Superman into a bank vault like that? Oh yeah, another Kryptonian.

2:11 - A ton of military and Superman? Working together maybe? Allowing himself to be captured?

2:12 - Amy Adams Louis Lane. No arguments here.

2:17 - The first time Superman introduces himself to the world? In front of the military?

2:18 – 2:33 - Me starting at my computer screen waiting for one last clip. Nothing.

But that’s alright because this trailer was anything but disappointing, I don’t need another clip to convince me that this is going to be great. I was expecting a bit more fighting or action clips, but as I said the trailer alone is already more action packed than some of the previous movies, and maybe keeping some of the promised physics at bay is good, keep us fresh for the theatre release.

Either way, man, this looks impressive.



  1. Really jazzed by this.

    But not super-thrilled with Pa Kent’s answer. “Maybe?” Seriously? But then, I’d have to see the whole thing in context. Maybe his next line is “No, of course not. What was I thinking?”

    But still, between that and Clark’s line at the end about his dad saying people might not accept him, I’m starting to wonder if Pa isn’t going to be holding Clark back, instead of inspiring him to move forward.

    Again, can’t really judge based on two out of context lines. Still….

  2. mike says:

    @2:09 I am thinking it was not a kryptonian…maybe a tank blast.

  3. mike says:

    oh…and this is a different superman world. Pa Kent is showing the world is not perfect and sometime you have to look after yourself… “Maybe?”. I do bet he ends it with “you did the right thing” or something like that.

  4. Vic J says:

    I think Man of Steel may be pretty good, and offer a Superman that more people can relate to in this time and era. I’m really hoping to see something different in this remake of Superman and hopefully it isn’t the same old same old with the Man of Steel that we’ve seen in previous films.


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