It Looks Like The Force Is Gonna Be Strong With Brain Wood Come January [Preview]

Star Wars #1 Preview

We don’t make a habit out of previewing everything but when there is a new Star Wars #1 and it’s by Brian Wood and Carlos d’Anda and it looks this good it gets our attention.

Thanks to the folks at we get an exclusive look at Dark Horse’s newest Star Wars series, set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, along with a short interview with Brian Wood.

On clarifying a statement he made earlier about how his Star Wars comic “will pretend like its 1977 and no other films were ever made or books ever written.”

I’ve had to clarify that statement so many times! By that quote what I meant to say is that IN THE CHARACTER’S MINDS, nothing has happened since the events of the first film. Luke and Leia don’t know they’re siblings, Vader doesn’t know Luke exists, and so on. Which is a challenge.

And on an unrelated note he [kinda] leaks some information on his DMZ series…

AMC made a serious play for DMZ but DC Comics is not interested in seeing a DMZ TV show, it seems, as this was just one of many great opportunities they shut the door on. It makes no sense for me or my agent, or anyone else, to invest time in trying to adapt my Vertigo work. It’s just not going to be allowed. It’s tough for me to accept that, but I have, and that’s the biggest reason The Massive is not a Vertigo book. It’s a real shame, because something like that can really change a creator’s life, and that of his or her family’s.

On to the preview…

For the full interview visit and make sure to keep your heads up come January 2013 for what looks like one of the coolest Star Wars series to hit in awhile.


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