Eyepatch Governor Finally Arrives & Screws Everything Up [Review]

The Walking Dead Made to Suffer Review

The Walking Dead’s season 3 midseason finale was to say the least…epic (Beware, spoilers aplenty).

Season 3, Episode 8: Made To Suffer


Are you kidding me?!

To be fair, I was spoiled awhile ago but that didn’t make his debut any less surprising. At this point though I expected Tyreese to show up as a Woodbury resident but to see him surviving this way, in similar fashion as Rick, the leader of barely-surviving group, swinging his trademark hammer, set up some interesting similarities between the two before they ever meet. And his late addition gives me hope for lots of Tyreese to come.

“Everything about this episode had me on the edge of my seat.”

Perhaps even more interesting thought was Carl’s handling of the whole situation. This has been a big season for him, from the end of season 2 until now we’ve seen Carl grow from a bit of a momma’s boy into one of the most dangerous and quick-thinking people on the show. He saves the strangers right away, knew what needed to be done to the woman who had been bit (and was willing to do it), and without flinching locks them up – quickly distinguishing a situation much how his father might have. And thanks to Tyreese’s leadership, everything stayed calm.

So maybe Rick knew what he was doing when he left all the weakest people in his group with a strange prisoner and his pre-teen son.

This wasn’t even the meat of the episode though.

Just as Rick and his team don’t waste any time getting into Woodbury, Maggie and Glenn don’t waste any trying to get out. After making zombie bones into weapons I fully expected another interrogation scene before seeing them in action but when the door slings open to their room I was just as shocked as Merle and his buddy, who Maggie took care of pretty quickly. There’s no doubt about it – this group has gotten as tough as nails. And it’s probably going to save their lives.

Maybe the most intense moment of the whole episode, or season even, is Michonne in the governors office waiting for him to walk in and assassinate him, her discovery of all his secrets, and their ensuing brawl. I don’t know why but this caught me off guard – when she put that sword through his daughters mouth I literally jumped out of my seat. And their fight was hands down one of the best so far. It’s been said a million times but it’s worth repeating, the writers have done such a good job of keeping everyone watching on the edge of their seats. And whether you’ve read the comic a hundred times or just a fan of the show no one knows whats coming next. I felt pretty sure about the Governor and Michonne surviving but the doubt was still their a little, and the conditions they might be in at the end kept me from blinking for about 5 minutes straight.

But they stayed pretty true to the original story this time and the Governor got his eye patch.

The physical change for him seems to be symbolic of the emotional change appearing to happen in the Governor. He was evil before, but something switched. I think we might be heading in the direction of the original Governor. Which has me both excited and terrified.

And there might not be any better example of his switch than he pitting of Merle against his brother Daryl. The first time were introduced to the fighting at Woodbury it’s actually a little tame, but now Merle has to choose to kill his brother or be killed. The Governor is calling for blood and the citizens are screaming, begging for it.

In my previous review I called a Merle and Daryl showdown. Even said I’d be crazy excited. But I wasn’t. I mean I was for the show, but like everyone else I’ve grown to love Daryl and I hated seeing him caught a prisoner and hate even more the idea of him being killed off. It’s certainly an interesting twist but I’m CRAZY anxious now to see what happens. It seems like the most logical way they both survive is for Andrea to step in. Which was an interesting moment, either the Governor is purposely exposing a bit of whats going on to Andrea or he’s completing losing it.

Either way this was one heck of way to leave us hanging. We’ve got to assume that a visit to the prison from the Governor and his clan is coming up, but the 8 episodes left makes one wonder just how it’s all going to go down and what is exactly happens in between.

This was only the 4th episode written by the series creator Robert Kirkman, proving more and more that he’s equally capable of writing some captivating drama both in and out of the comics medium. Everything about this episode had me on the edge of my seat. Now we wait, until February 10, to find out just what the hell is going to happen next.

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Everything you’d expect out of a midseason finale, plus a bunch of stuff you didn’t. Daryl’s situation makes me nervous, might not be able to sleep till the next episode.


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