Favorite Comic Book Artists of 2012

Favorite Comic Book Artists of 2012

Our Favorite Comic Book Artists of 2012 can be the penclier, colorist, inker or whatever of any series, graphic novel, or single issue – if they put art on comic(s) in 2012, they’re fair game.

Sean Phillips 2012

Sean Phillips | Geoff Arbuckle

This is a category that I just couldn’t quite figure out who I wanted to name. After thinking about all the potential great artists, I finally settled on Sean Phillips – Ed Brubaker’s collaborator on several awesome books. Aside from continuing their series Criminal, Brubaker and Phillips debuted Fatale in 2012 and man… It might just be one of the very best of the best of comics for the whole year. Phillips’ style has always been gritty and seedy, but unlike Criminal that seems to almost perpetually have that grainy style of 1970s street movies like Taxi Driver or Shaft, Fatale goes in a different direction mixing noir and Lovecraft in a way that is as beautiful as it is sexy, creepy, dark, and downright thrilling.

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Darwyn Cooke 2012

Darwyn Cooke | John Barringer

No matter how many times I pour over Mr. Cooke’s work I’m always left speechless; his original style sticks out from anything else in the industry and considering his already large body of work it makes the year he had in 2012 even more impressive. He surpasses pretty pictures and interesting designs – it’s carefully crafted and thought out, every space of it – and there might not be a better example of that than in a year where he adapted another Donald E. Westlake’s Parker novel (each one is better than the previous) and prequeled Alan Moore’s Watchmen, which will rival any other creation he’s done for DC both in beauty and in scale. He also put together one heck of Shade issue and worked on the highly acclaimed indie book, Creator-Owned Heroes. Im. Pres. Sive.

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Fiona Staples 2012

Fiona Staples | Dan Cole

I can imagine that Staples may have scratched her head a bit when she was give the first Saga script, but it doesn’t show. From her gorgeous covers to the last page, Staples has made Saga a visually arresting book. She throws in detailed backgrounds that never detract from the characters, who are all wonderfully weird. It is a testament to her skill that all the elements of Saga look as if they would inhabit the same universe. But it isn’t all in the outlandish character designs and beautiful backdrops, as Staples knows how to tell a story too. Be it through her panel composition, expressive characters or panel layouts, Staples has brought this world to life both visually and emotionally.

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Ivan Reis 2012

Ivan Reis | T.A. Ewart

He’s just that good. He reminds of George Perez in that his style is so flawless, it draws you in even with the simplest of panels. It helps that he’s colored well, but even his raw pencils have a finished quality that few can achieve these days.

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Kyle Hotz 2012

Kyle Hotz | Hamilton Ortiz

Call me slow but I have never heard of Kyle Hotz until Dark Horse released Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities and the Orn of Loch Ness. I remember as I browsed the shelfs at the comic shop picking up Billy the Kid was not in my plans but as I flipped through the comic I was blown away but the art. As I continued to stroll through the shop the comic remained on my mind as I kept thinking about the art. I eventually bought the issue along with the following ones and have come to love Kyle Hotz. His style is so insanely creepy, awesome, and hell it’s just awesome. This guy needs to be in the spotlight and he could easily become the go to guy for macabre material.


Now let us know who your favorites of 2012 were!


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  1. Mark says:

    I really enjoyed the work Shane Davis did in SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, VOL. 2 this past year. David Finch did some really great work in the “Dark Knight” as well.


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