Favorite Comic Book Characters of 2012

Favorite Comic Book Characters of 2012Our Favorite Comic Book Characters of 2012 can be from an ongoing, limited series, annual, graphic novel, or whatever – if they were a comic book character in 2012, they’re fair game.

Kid Loki Character 2012

Kid Loki | Geoff Arbuckle

When Matt Fraction resurrected Loki following his death in Siege, many Thor fans weren’t quite so sure what to think of it. Was it another case of Marvel immediately reneging on the death of a character? Could this kid really be worth two craps as a character? Had Matt Fraction lost his freakin’ mind? What we didn’t expect was that Kid Loki would find a brand new life and level of stardom among his fans when Kieron Gillen was tasked as the writer of Journey Into Mystery featuring Loki as the main character. In the hands of Gillen, Loki became so much more than anything we’d seen him be before. For all the evil Loki had done as an adult, the kid version didn’t want that legacy anymore. He wanted to fight for Asgard in his own way despite what the other Asgardians felt of him. For us readers, what we got out of him was more personality than we could have ever expected. Suddenly, we were all rooting for the child version of a reformed god of evil.

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Damian Wayne 2012

Damian Wayne | John Barringer

Damian has been a freaking pest since we first met him, he’ll probably always be a pest, but this was a big year for DC’s youngest deadly assassin Robin. Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have done an especially good job in Batman and Robin exploring the depths of his character, some of his best moments ever came from this past year, challenging and then beating each Robin. He’s far from being mature, but he’s uh…he’s uh getting there.

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Hawkeye 2012 Character

Hawkeye | Dan Cole

This is a surprise choice for me as I have never rated the character in any high regard before this year. But from his appearances in the Avengers franchise and his solo book the avenging archer has really grown on me this year. His stint in the Avengers film was merely a warm up to a great year for Clint Barton. He has been a surprisingly fun team leader in Secret Avengers, even if he is a little dysfunctional, and his flirting with Spider Woman in the main Avengers title has been fun to watch. But it is seeing what happens when he isn’t an Avenger that has shot him into my top pick for 2012. This year he has been witty, charming, broken and often hilarious. His growth as a character in 2012 has been a joy to watch.

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Flash Gordon 2012

Flash Gordon | T.A. Ewart

Again, Dynamite shows why Flash is the “Saviour of the Universe!” The “Zeitgeist” storyline is an elongated version of the Flash Gordon film, but it hits all the notes that the film (which was great) did not. We see why Flash is great character and he’s just a polo player from Earth, Still, despite being little more than a sportsman, he saves everyone of us.

Animal Man 2012

Animal Man | Hamilton Ortiz

Animal Man continues to be my favorite character and its for many reasons. Lets put aside the great on going Rot World story, lets put aside the very cool team up with Swamp Thing and get down to the meat and bones of Animal Man. Beneath it all Buddy Baker is a family man with the biggest focus of the series being that he is giving his all to keep his family out of harms way. As a family man myself I definitely felt a relation instantly and his constant struggles issue after issue. Jeff Lemire has been able to paint perfectly what struggles we all go through as parents dealing with little our little ones and sure it might sound lame but that’s my biggest draw to Buddy Baker at the moment. He’s a family man first then a superhero second.

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Now let us know who your favorites of 2012 were!

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