Favorite Comic Book Story Arcs of 2012

Favorites Comic Book Story Arcs of 2012

Our Favorite Comic Book Story Arcs of 2012 can be from an ongoing, limited series, annual, graphic novel, or whatever – if it was a comic book story arc in 2012, it’s fair game.

Avengers Vs X-Men 2012

Avengers Vs. X-Men | Geoff Arbuckle

Like all events, Avengers Vs. X-Men was met with its fair share of groaning and the usual internet bashing that we typically see from disgruntled comic book fans. However, no one can deny the sales numbers, and those who sat in on the panels at the comic conventions proved that old saying that you only ever hear from those that have something negative to say. For me personally, this maxi-series was everything Marvel advertised. Avengers fans and X-Men fans had a platform now to root for their favorite teams and characters as well as debate the themes of the series (see mine and Victor’s reviews for more of those debates). It was bombastic, exciting, and when the dust settled, a new Marvel Universe was born – not out of reboot, but through reshuffling of creative teams and ideas. More importantly, it was the first Marvel event in some time that really had a beginning, middle, and definitive end. Sure, some stuff is still going on leftover from the happenings of AvX, but we’re not being led along on a chain to the next event. A new dawn has risen for Marvel and I love it.

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Wonder Woman 2012

Wonder Woman Goes To Hell | John Barringer

Already a sucker for mythology the idea of Wonder Woman having a shotgun wedding to Hades in the underworld tickles my fancy, make that Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman with guys like Tony Akins and Cliff Chiang on art and now we’ve got something special. This was the highlight to a series that done something I never thought possible, make me care about Wonder Woman.

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X-Force Final Execution 2012

X-Force: Final Execution | Dan Cole

Rick Remender finished his Uncanny X-Force not with a bang, but with a whimper. That is the beauty of the whole arc, as Remender tears down the house he built and delivers an epic emotional crescendo for everyone involved. As Daken’s plot unfolded we saw that the sins of the team came back to haunt our heroes in brutal ways. It tied up all the thematic elements Remender had been playing with and ended with the dissolving of the team. It felt like the perfect way to end the book. It may not have had distinct action set pieces, but it was a very personal affair that showed just how much these characters had grown since Remender created the team.

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Night of the Owls 2012

Night of the Owls | T.A. Ewart

The Bat-books have great oversight these days, and this arc proves it. Every book in the Bat line was used, and used well, rather than it just being a grab for the cash. Each member of the Bat clan gets to shine, but the story is really about Dick Grayson, who all ways makes the Bat books that much better.

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Avengers Vs X-Men 2012

Avengers Vs. X-Men | Hamilton Ortiz

The series started out with a bang with Avengers X-Sanction putting the Avengers team dead smack in the middle of Cables cross hairs. Cable systematically takes out all the Avengers big guns one by one until he was finally stopped by Wolverine and Spider-Man. Then moving into the main series A v X which again started out with a huge bang. How can anyone forget Colossus slamming into the Avengers Carrier? Readers knew from that moment this was something special. All the tie in’s for the most part were good, we also got a major death that was actually a major death, the VS series was a hit, and we even ended up with a great team up book A + X afterwards. The entire story line was solid from beginning to end which was made possible by all of Marvel’s top writers and artist.

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Now let us know who your favorites of 2012 were!


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