Favorite Comic Book Writers of 2012

Favorite Comcis Book Writers of 2012

Our Favorite Comic Book Writers of 2012 can be the writer of any series, graphic novel, or single issue – if they wrote comic(s) in 2012, they’re fair game.

Kieron Gillen 2012

Kieron Gillen | Geoff Arbuckle

Without a doubt, Journey Into Mystery has been a roller coaster ride that fans just wanted to get back on again and again, and we all have Kieron Gillen to thank. A writer like Gillen is so talented in writing characters with a sense of humor and personality. His starring character in JIM is Loki, but not the evil, hand wrenching trickster we’ve all known and loved for nearly 50 years. Instead we have a kid who uses all his tricks and schemes to weave masterful webs of deceit, but all for the good of Asgard, not its destruction. It was Gillen who took this character off Matt Fraction and ran with him. Using dry wit, even going so far as to occasionally offer up lower brow slapstick, Gillen made each and every one of us clamor for more of Kid Loki. But it wasn’t even that which put Gillen over the top for me yet again. It was his use of grand plots and even introducing a bit of a love interest for Loki in the form of Leah, a tragic character whose sole purpose for existence was that she was not to exist forever. This was one of the funniest books produced by the big two and also one of the most powerful. What more could you ever ask for?

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Jonathan Hickman 2012

Jonathan Hickman | John Barringer

Jonathan Hickman must be a robot. Or a droid. Maybe he has a clone. Or as he’d probably put it, he outsources his work to Hickmans from other universes. But there has to be an explanation for not only how much he writes, but also how exploratory and imaginary his work is. His Fantastic Four and FF runs which wrapped up this year are legendary, might go down as one of the best ever for a book in publication since 1961. His current run on Avengers, a flagship title of the Marvel NOW! initiative and taking over the reigns from Bendis, is shaping to be renowned in it’s own right. Avengers Vs X-Men, The Ultimates, Ultimate Hawkeye and what is in my opinion, one of the most underrated indie comics of the year in The Manhattan Projects. This list goes on. The man didn’t write one single thing I didn’t enjoy all year. His work is outside the box, captivating, and always original. And my guess is we’ve got plenty, plenty, more of Hickman to come.

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Matt Fraction 2012

Matt Fraction | Dan Cole

Fraction has capped off a successful year with his stewardship of the Fantastic Four/FF franchise, which both look like promising series (Especially FF, which is a joy to read). His long running Invincible Iron Man series was brought to a satisfying conclusion as he tied up all the loose ends for the denouement. We also saw his runs on The Mighty Thor and The Defenders end this year. With the latter serving up a quirky smorgasbord of out-there ideas and the former being perhaps his least successful title, but still emotionally resonant. However it is his take on Hawkeye that has truly made him stand out this year. He delivers witty scripts full of depth and character, that chart Clint Barton’s “mundane” days off from being an avenger. For that book alone Fraction is head and shoulders above the rest of his peers.

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Scott Lobdell 2012

Scott Lobdell | T. A. Ewart

He made Superman readable again, after a year of disappointment. The whole idea was to restart Superman to have a “fresh” take, but Action was slow to start and Superman was just disappointing from the start. Lobdell doesn’t seem to be shy about writing a powerful Superman, who does powerful things, and using the best supporting cast in comics. In one splash page, he made Lois Lane attractive, viable, and integral to Superman and Clark’s life again. He also puts to rest that Superman is hard to write, rather, Superman just needs the right writer.

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Jeff Lemire 2012

Jeff Lemire | Hamilton Ortiz

When I think of who’s my favorite writer in 2012 three names come to mind. Each writer has been working on 3+ books at a time this year but Jeff Lemire has been able to barely edge past the trio. Jeff has been able to turn a band of weirdo’s in Justice League Dark into one of my favorite titles with Frankenstein, Amethyst, John Constantine, Black Orchid, Deadman, Tim Hunter and the rest of the JLD roster. Individually they would usually be an acquired taste but together Jeff has been able to make them work superbly. Jeff’s Animal Man has remained one of the New 52’s strongest books in my opinion since its launch while still keeping the story interesting which has finally crossed into Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing teaming up two of DC’s hottest writers. With great work on Frankenstein, Sweet Tooth and perhaps the best Graphic Novel of 2012, Under Water Wielder, Jeff has had a solid year and was my favorite writer for the year. Lets see if Jeff Lemire can bring some of that magic to the Green Arrow in 2013.

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Now let us know who your favorites of 2012 were!

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  1. TButler says:

    I think this list should include Rick Remender. His work on Uncanny X-Force last year was excellent.

  2. DWright says:

    You mentioned some good writers like Hickman & others, you’re right about FF and F4–that was a great run.

    Ed Brubaker for Fatale, and also his other books. I like the way he writes.

    Darwyn Cooke for the Before Watchman: Minutemen & Silk Spectre series.

    And Brian K. Vaughan for Saga.


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