Favorite DC Comic Books of 2012

Favorite DC Comic Books of 2012

Our Favorite DC Comic Books of 2012 can be the ongoing, limited series, graphic novel or whatever – if DC published it in 2012, it’s fair game.

All-Star Western 2012

All-Star Western | Geoff Arbuckle

While less than 18 months ago, I was so excited for what the New 52 could show comic fans, that excitement has waned to nearly nil as Marvel’s counter-punch was just what I was looking for as a fan of that side of the aisle. While I begin the less-than-painful task of cutting out more and more DC titles as stories are beginning to wrap up, I find myself utterly unable and unwilling to let this one go. Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti’s continued skill with the surly Jonah Hex has gotten even more entertaining by partnering him with the straight-laced Amadeus Arkham and forcing the good doctor to have to endure not just Jonah’s attitude toward life, but also with the return of Tallulah Black, Arkham is up to his eyeballs in crazy. Nearly every issue presents itself with a belly laugh and a “Awesome!” moment. It’s a book like this that keeps me a die hard comic book fan. When the day comes that I need to seriously cut DC out of my monthly haul, there will always be a place for All Star Western in my heart and wallet.

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Wonder Woman 2012

Wonder Woman | John Barringer

Wonder Woman has been unlike anything else at DC, or in mainstream comics for that matter – more than a superhero comic it’s a classical fantasy adventure with more influence from Greek mythology than it’s own DC mythology, which has been incredibly refreshing. In my entire history of reading comics I’d never bought a single issue of Wonder Woman, only really read her when she showed up in other comics, but for all of 2012 (and the start of this run really) this book has had my full attention. The thoroughness of Brian Azzarello’s writing has made for the perfect Wonder Woman landscape, she’s right at home. And while the DC editors had an interesting year to say the least kudos for allowing this book to live in it’s own bubble, without being distracted from the rest of the DC Universe. The only exception being the introduction to Orion and the New Gods, which fit like a glove, Gods vs. Gods. At the risk of sounding crazy, this has been one of the best DC ongoings in the past decade.

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Batman 2012

Batman | Dan Cole

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman wins by default really. It is the only title I have been reading at DC that has been consistently good all year. The reintroduction of The Joker has been a boon to the book as Snyder rejuvenates a worn out villain. But even the conclusion to the Court Of Owls elements where satisfying as Snyder introduced an interesting twist. It also helps that most of the back-up stories have been thoroughly enjoyable as well.

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Nightwing 2012

Nightwing | T.A. Ewart

Nightwing survived the DC destruction known as the New 52, and is consistently entertaining. While I was disappointed that being Batman was taken away from him, Nightwing’s currents adventures are both familiar and fun, so that the book leaves the reader with little to complain about.

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Dial H 2012

Dial H | Hamilton Ortiz

This category was a close one for me between JLD and Dial H but China Mieville has been doing something special and unique with Dial H. I know most readers prefer Batman, JLA, and etc but Disl H is different. Imagine having a phone dialer and by simply dialing the word “Hero” you randomly turn from an everyday average joe into a superhero with powers. Sure 90% of the superheroes they turn into are more than cheesy and useless but thats what makes the series so special. Seeing the main characters find ways to deal with typical superhero situations with some of the lamest powers has really made this series what it is because you never know what they will dial. Dial H should be a Vertigo book by all means but allowing this dark book to remain in the DC side of things will allow for future main stream heroes to pop in which would make for some interesting story telling.

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Now let us know who your favorites of 2012 were!


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  1. Jamie Murphy says:

    I am so glad Nightwing is there! I read almost all of the ‘Bat Family’ comics and Nightwing is by far my favourite out of them all, as well as the classic Batman action he’s got his cool acrobatic stuff and his whole circus backstory, but fundamentally he’s just a lot funner than most (maybe excluding Red-Hood and the Outlaws, and unlke after a batman comic, after which I sometimes feel like something gruesome has just broken into my house and killed that non-existant hamster I loved so much, it’s just a bit less gruesome, because of the odd wise-crack or whatever, but I just feel a bit more satisfied at the end of it. So that’s why I’m glad he’s been put in this


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