Favorite Marvel Comic Books of 2012

Favorite Marvel Comic Books of 2012

Our Favorite Marvel Comic Books of 2012 can be the ongoing, limited series, graphic novel or whatever – if Marvel published it in 2012, it’s fair game.

Journey Into Mystery 2012

Journey Into Mystery | Geoff Arbuckle

Trust me, I’m going to sound like a broken record. However, in the case of Journey Into Mystery, I’m proud to be that broken record. Kieron Gillen’s epic run on JIM broke ground I didn’t think Marvel would ever have the balls for. I’m not sure there is a more different mainstream title than this one, and its difference is exactly what makes it so damn compelling with every issue. For 25 issues, Gillen told one large story and when his run completed, he tied up every loose end and left us all wondering if Loki, the star of his masterpiece series, was truly a misunderstood hero or truly an evil soul with no potential for redemption.

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Daredevil 2012

Daredevil | John Barringer

Just about everything with this book is fantastic; Mark Waid is doing some of the best work of his career, the rotating artists are on the top of their game, the story has stayed in the same direction since it’s first issue without a loss of momentum, it’s innovative, emotional at times, heck even the covers are some of the best in the business. Since his creation Daredevil has had this way about attracting a certain amount of attention from some of the industries finest creators and the work Mark Waid is doing here, I think, will fit in nicely with some of the other legends.

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Hawkeye 2012

Hawkeye | Dan Cole

What can I say that hasn’t already been said. The book is an astounding piece of work. Fraction has captured lightning in a bottle with his take on the avenging archer. Clint Barton is no longer a one note character and is now a multifaceted person who has a wealth of issues to deal with. A succinct premise, a charismatic lead and an interesting array of “adventures” has lead this book to become a truly joyous read. Not to mention fantastic art from David Aja and Javier Pulido. Granted it is more about Aja than Pulido, but both artist have done a great job on the title. Aja’s simple, but stylized art hides the beauty of how he tells a story. His panel layouts are just gorgeous. His style perfectly complimenting Fractions writing. This isn’t just the best Marvel book on the shelves, it is the best comic book on the shelves.

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Avengers Vs X-Men 2012

Avengers Vs. X-Men | T.A. Ewart

I usually hate these send-ups, but this one actually stayed well-written from start to finish. The best moment was reading the Black Panther telling Storm that they were divorced by the Wakandan high council . . . and he’s the head of the Wakandan high council!

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Hawkeye 2012-2

Hawkeye | Hamilton Ortiz

Right from issue number one when you saw Clint rolling around in a wheel chair out the hospital and then kicking it into the middle of traffic you knew Matt Fraction was onto something very different and good. You won’t see Hawkeye running around in his purple tights here but what you will see is what he typically deals with during his down time from the Avengers. As a well known Avenger he is a celebrity in his Washington Heights building and neighborhood Clint is automatically tasked with protecting and dealing with neighborhood problems which usually go from bad to worst. Currently in its 6th issue and I have yet to find one flaw in this book. Matt Fraction and David Aja are Marvel’s current dynamic duo at the moment and “Bro” this is a great series ” bro”

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Now let us know who your favorites of 2012 were!

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  1. Harmonica says:

    completely agree with hawkeye. at first i was kinda hesitant toward getting it because of the artstyle, but now i love it, the artstyle underlines the storytelling just perfectly


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