Monday Morning One-Liners [1/21/13]


Marvel has an event coming up, the fans are going to miss I, Vampire, and Amazing Spider-Man #700 made lots of money. That and a lot more happened this past week in the comics biz.

There might be a new Marvel event coming up, it might be cosmic, and it might be big (“Avengers Vs X-Men scale”).

Scott Snyder hates horses so much, as demonstrated in Batman #16, that he even wrote a bad review for a horse shirt on Amazon.

Warner Bros. registers 14 new Arkham-related website domains, including “universe” and “origins.”

Stan Lee sent a video to a fan involved in the Taft Union High School shooting.

With a $7.99 price tag Amazing Spider-Man #700 raked in 1.6 Million for Marvel.

iFanboy and Graphicly have split, on good terms.

According to a recent poll I, Vampire will be the most missed out of DC’s recent cancellations.

RASL was 1 of the 6 comics that didn’t get their rightful due in 2012 (according to CBR).

Writer of pre-52 Batgirl, Bryan Q. Miller, says his Kickstarter project Earthward is “high stakes” and “personal.”

DC’s product solicitations for April gives us a closer look at the costume in Man of Steel.

FF and Saga, 2 of the 12 best comic books of 2013 according to Wired.

Francesco Francavilla will be hoping on the Hawkeye bandwagon with issue #10, possibly #12.

Writer Robert Venditti of X-O Manowar says getting used to writing the monthly format is “a constant learning process.”

DC is still celebrating the pre-New 52 numbering with Detective Comics #19. Or as it would have been, #900.

There is Chew #1 selling for $1,000.

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