Favorite Comic Book Moments of 2012

Favorite Comic Book Moments of 2012

Our Favorite Comic Book Moments of 2012 can be from any comic or series, movie, tv show, action figure or whatever – if it was a moment from something comic book-related in 2012, it’s fair game.

The Avengers Movie Money Shot | Geoff Arbuckle

As a lifelong Avengers fan, I had waiting countless years to see my favorite characters on the big screen. Joss Whedon delivered it in spades. The whole movie was a culmination of years of perfect planning and excellent execution. The money shot comes about three-fourths of the way through the movie. New York has been invaded by interdimensional alien guys. Loki’s army is hammering the world and the Avengers are at the lowest point in their short history. Scrambling, they needed a rallying point. Enter Bruce Banner. After revealing his secret of how he controls the Hulk, he transforms just in time to take down a giant space worm led to him by Iron Man. It was in that moment, with the help of a bitchin’ rotating shot around each character, the movie version of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were born. And I nearly messed my pants.

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Wonder Woman #12 2012

From Old Gods Come New Gods | John Barringer

A lot of what was building since the beginning Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman series came to a head in issue #12, including Wonder Woman flying for the first time and the betrayal of Hermes, but the real kick in the pants was the final page that revealed the coming of the New Gods. I had no idea it was coming. I should of though, because it makes absolute perfect sense. I think I literally hit myself in the head, with a huge smile on my face. It was a great way to reward the readers with an epic conclusion to some serious tension earlier on and keep us begging for more with a great cliffhanger.

The best thing to come of the New 52 so far has been this Wonder Woman series and all the little surprises Mr. Azzarell’s has sprinkled throughout it.

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The Avengers Movie 2012

All Things Avengers Movie | Dan Cole

After years of waiting and a lot of planning on Marvel Studios part, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes exploded onto the silver screen. Ushered in by Geek messiah Joss Whedon, The Avengers was a fantastic blockbuster experience that was full of character, humor and some well choreographed action set pieces. It proved that you didn’t have to be dark and serious to be a wholly satisfying comic book film. And it showed just how great Hulk could be.

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The Amazing Spider-Man #698 2012

The Ol’ Switcheroo | T.A. Ewart

Learning that Doctor Octopus would be Spider-Man. Wack! Next it’ll be Lex Luthor in Superman’s body. . . uh oh.

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Batman #13 2012

“A Clown Walks Into A Police Station…” | Hamilton Ortiz

I have to give this one up to Batman #13 when Joker was running around in the darkness in the GCPD station. As read the story I was completely sucked in as Scott Snyder and Gregg Capullo did an excellent job giving readers the sense of realism through the panels.

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Now let us know who your favorites of 2012 were!

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  1. Aaric Rivad says:

    I swear, that 90 seconds in Avengers is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in a theater. I saw it in a packed house, and the crowd was roaring right along with the Hulk.

    I still get chills.

  2. Eric says:


    ^this is the best 2012 moment

  3. Savannah says:

    The Avengers rocked!! Definitely the best film of 2012. Best film from Marvel Studios yet IMO.

    What I really wanna see next in the comic book world are kick ass monsters! Super heroes are legit, but there are a lot of them. What happened to all the sweet monsters, like the classic Universal monsters you know?

    I heard about a big comic book project called “The Craver”, which centers around an awesome monster. They are looking to make the comic books, then make 3 films. So I’m gonna back ‘em up! check out the drawings here, it’s siiiick!!! kickstarter.com/projects/thecraver/the-craver-comic?ref=live

    Hope it turns out for these guys.


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