The 30 Second Iron Man 3 Trailer That Played During That One Game [Trailer Breakdown]

With over 100 million potential viewers tuning in to the Super Bowl it’s a pretty good idea for Marvel to annually tease their upcoming movies. And while this year’s Iron Man 3 trailer was a short 30 seconds it certainly didn’t disappoint.

0:01 – Please tell I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Harrison Ford’s Air Force One.

0:05 – Plane explodes, people flying out, sounds like a job for…

0:11 – So Iron Man was on Air Force One already? Before it exploded?

0:14 – Was it just me or did Jarvis’ voice sound off? I need to rewatch 1 and 2.

0:18 – 13 people falling, can only hold 4, interested to see how ol’ Shellhead will pull this off.

0:19 – Woah. Tony Stark is bleeding. So he was already on Air Force One before the explosion AND he’s beat up. So Air Force One was attacked from the inside? Iiiiinteresting.

0:21 – Either the President dies or Iron Man saves the President right? Either way…even more iiiiinteresting.

0:25 – I’m glad we don’t see how Iron Man saves all 13 people, maybe he doesn’t, but my guess is he holds 4 and gets those 4 to start a human chain and they save each other. I wanna say that’s a little corny but I’m gonna be honest, if that happens it’ll give me goosebumps.

0:29 – The extended trailer on Marvel’s Facebook wasn’t run during the Super Bowl and actually wasn’t all that different from the first Iron Man 3 trailer. Tony Stark broke the fourth wall a little for the first 30 seconds as a joke (so the trailer was actually only about a minute long) and the only other notable additions were James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) in the Iron Patriot getup and the Mandarin saying “You will never see me coming.” But what the heck, we’ll post it anyway.

Yes, it seems like this Iron Man movie will be a little less happy-go-lucky Black Sabbath rock ‘n’ roll-ish but the truth is superheros can’t go too long without someone beating the crap out of them and as the fourth movie featuring Iron Man this feels less rushed or forced and more organic to the character.

May 3rd can’t get here quick enough.


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  1. Penny Dreadful says:

    When the lights went out during “that one game” I expected Bane to show up…


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